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PS4 Not Connecting To Wifi: What To Do?

Internet gaming really has struck the gas pedal hard over the past decade. And what better way to observe it than Sony’s legendary console series, the Play Station. However, even with the advanced engineering and innovation, PS4 not connecting to Wifi still is a common nightmare among gamers.

With the release of every new model, gamers fear the previous ones will discontinue soon. That means no new games, no new features, no new updates, and a swamp of bugs!

And this is precisely what’s highlighting the “PS4 internet connection failed” issues in the community as of late. Especially since the new PS5 is out and running the markets. Luckily, the reason why your PS4 won’t connect to the internet is not because of discontinuation but of minor faults.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as rebooting your router or your PS4. While at other instances, you may need a hardware upgrade or even a console upgrade. But before you trouble yourself with the worst that could happen, let’s get into how to solve the problem yourself.

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Causes Of PS4 Not Connecting To Wifi

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We’ve compiled a checklist here that covers most of the reasons for a PS4 internet connection failure. Tally each step with your setup, and you may find out where the problem really is.

1. No Power To Router

A disconnected router is probably the most common reason why your PS4 won’t connect to the internet. It can either be that your router cable is unplugged or short if the power is not out already.

2. Different wifi Network Detected

This usually occurs when you have two wifi routers with the same name. The PS4 detects the connection and might try to connect to a different Wifi. Since the password and other DNS settings do not fit on the new Wifi, your console gives a connectivity error message.

3. Incorrect wifi Password

You’re smart enough not to type an incorrect password. But if you’ve changed your wifi password recently and not updated it on your PS4, you know where the problem lies.

4. Servers Down

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If you’re using your PS4 for streaming and apps and notice no connectivity, it may be because a site’s server is down. The PlayStation Network servers go down for some sites due to maintenance and updates and don’t usually take long to recover.

5. Router Out Of Range

The wifi receptor on your PS4 may not be as advanced as some of your other latest gadgets. Suppose you’re getting Wifi signals in a room far away from your router on a new gadget and not on PS4. In that case, there may be too much interference in the signals to reach your console’s receptor.

Suppose you can put your finger on the problems causing connectivity issues for your PS4 from the list above. In that case, we have the right solutions for you under the heading below.

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How To Fix a PS4 Not Connecting To Wifi

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Before you jump into the list to try a fix for your PS4, you might want to make sure that that’s where the problem surely is. The check can’t be any simpler than connecting your other gadgets with the same wifi network using the same key and details as the PS4.

If other gadgets seem to be working fine, it is surely your PS4 with a problem and not your internet connection. In which case, try the following fixes below:

1. Restart and Reboot

As a rule of thumb, try turning it off and on again!

Restarting the wifi router usually solves any connectivity problems, whether they’re solely with your PS4 or your internet connection.

But if that doesn’t work, restarting your console just might. However, make sure that you reboot your PS4 completely and not only recover it from sleep mode. A complete system reboot resets the algorithm and usually gets rid of any bugs.

2. Enable Network Adapter

When you make an update to your PS4, sometimes it resets all the settings to default. One of these settings that affect your internet connection is the Network adapter. It is usually “disabled” for when your console is in sleep mode.

To enable the network adapter, enter settings for rest mode and select “Power Save Settings”. From the new pop-up screen, select “Set Feature Available In Rest Mode” and then check the box for “Stay Connected To The Internet”.

3. Update Software

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System software updates are the backbone of an efficient console. You’re exempted if you’ve never used your PS4 for streaming and live gaming, which is very unlikely. But if you’re a regular user of the internet over PS4, not updating your system software can sometimes cause hardware issues.

If you haven’t updated your software for a while, now may be the right time to check for a new update. The new updates released by manufacturers solve hardware functionality bugs. And it should get your console connected to the internet.

4. Fix Hardware Issues

hardware-issue-for-ps4-not-connecting to-wifi
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The network adapter is one of the most delicate components of a PS4. Even with delicate use and maintenance, it still can fry when even slightly overheated. This usually occurs when your run time for PS4 is too much during a day, and you are exchanging heavy data over your internet connection.

Instead of being a handyman getting the screwdriver, you might want to take your PS4 to a professional. Inspect whether it is the network adapter that’s causing the PS4 to overheat. And if it is, have a professional replace it with a new one.

5. Fix Software Issues

Luckily, there aren’t many software issues with Sony’s PS4, to begin with. It usually is a faulty update or a system file conflict at most that cause software issues. And it happens when you incorrectly install an update.

The only solution to this is reinstalling the system update file from scratch and supervising the installation. If you perform all the steps you’re guided through correctly, you can find a fix for your internet connectivity issue.

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PS4 connection issues are a real pain. You lag behind in your gaming schedule and cannot make it to the rooms you spend your days on anymore.

With the above-mentioned steps for when PS4 is not connecting to Wifi, we hope you have found a fix for your problem and can get back to your gaming and streaming experience.

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