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The content we require is found all over the tech category. Whether it is the latest game release, tech gossip, or a contoured troubleshooting guide, we’d love to see how you combine extensive research with phenomenal writing.

You can have an even broader idea about the topics we cover by going through our website. We highly appreciate relevant content to the already existing material on our website. But if you think your unique idea might be compelling enough to tempt a few readers, bring it on!

The essential guidelines for us to consider your writing are as follows:

General Instructions For the Writers

  1. We have absolutely zero tolerance for plagiarized content, i.e., content loaded up with copyright infringements. Resultantly, creative and engaging content should be created for the viewers. And please note that we’ll be eager to find spun articles and disband the agreement there and then.
  2. Only authentic, exciting, error-free, and strong content focused on the tech industry are posted as we want our readers to get the stream of information, they came out looking for in the first place.
  3. Articles promoting other pages for affiliate or any reason whatsoever will not be engaged.
  4. An article’s word limit will be defined, and we reserve the right to turn down material that does not meet our minimum word limit criteria. Commonly, we need content in the scope of 1,000 to 1,500 words. Besides, you must also agree that you will recognize the responsibility for any editing with our editorial staff.
  5. For effective communication of a message to a reader, the articles must be accurately broken down into respective headings and subheadings. However, it ought to be in an innovative way that leaves no space for any ambiguity.
  6. References to well-documented studies and accurate statistics are not only our requirement, but it makes your content more appealing and trustworthy to a reader. You must always take care of backing up your argument or claims with valid and existential facts.
  7. You must always send your article in .docx format with a name that corresponds to the article’s subject. Also, we expect you to provide relevant images to the text. The number of images may vary depending on the article’s length but will be communicated by our editorial staff.
  8. We have a zero-tolerance policy for missing deadlines or late submissions. However, if an unfortunate emergency occurs, we expect timely communication to grant relaxation.
  9. By working with us, you agree not to post your content anywhere over the internet, in books, or in journals. And for any published work that matches your Author’s profile, you can hand in us that too. But with the understanding that we reserve the rights to publish, takedown, or promote the article in our company’s name from the moment you hand over the piece.
  10. We welcome constructive criticism that may benefit our website and believe that the more questions you ask the better you comply with the guidelines, so don’t shy away if you have questions.
  11. If we are to like what you’ve written for us, you may be asked to share your Author’s profile or a byline to credit you for your work. However, you will only be notified about the dues and payments after your work is submitted and approved by our editorial staff.

If you’re confident to comply with the above terms, leave us a message and we shall get back to you within a working day’s time.