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A Step-By-Step Guide To Allocate More RAM To Minecraft

You don’t usually expect a game like Minecraft to squeeze your computer’s hardware too tight. Because neither you see advanced graphics nor intensive gameplay. So, before you ask how to allocate more RAM for Minecraft, you need to know “Why” exactly you need to do so.

The pack makes the real difference in mods or builds you add to your game. You must start looking the other way since you cannot miss out on Redstone-heavy builds. So, you must allocate more RAM to Minecraft to avoid the game’s stuttering, lagging, and crashing. And not necessarily to improve the graphics.

Before You Allocate More RAM

You need to make a few checks before allocating more memory to Minecraft.

  • ONE: The memory you allocate depends on the hardware capacity of your computer. You cannot dedicate more RAM to Minecraft than you have installed.
  • TWO: Never allocate all of your RAM to Minecraft. Your computer needs ample memory to perform routine tasks and may overclock your CPU and GPU. As a rule, keep at least half of the installed memory (2GB if you have 4GB installed) for PC functions.
  • THREE: You need to have an x64-bit system type. Otherwise, you cannot allocate more than 1GB of RAM to Minecraft.
  • FOUR: The latest version of Minecraft is a must!
  • FIVE: Delete the temporary files and set your computer to “High-Performance” mode for an enhanced gaming experience.
  • SIX: Make sure you are running the latest version of JAVA for your default launcher.

Check How Much RAM You Have Installed

Also, you must be sure how much RAM you have installed on your PC. If you know already, you’re Golden! But if you don’t, here’s how to do that:

  • Hold ALT+CTRL+DEL and launch the Task Manager.
  • Click on the Performance tab in the second line of the window opened.
  • Select “Memory” from the list at the left of the screen.
How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft

You can now see the total installed memory and the available memory next to that in brackets.

How To Dedicate More RAM To Minecraft

Allocating RAM specifically to Minecraft results in much smoother gameplay and the absence of lag. Although several Minecraft launchers have significantly changed, you can still allocate more RAM.

Here is how you increase Minecraft RAM using some popular launchers.

Default Launcher For Minecraft

The default launcher for Minecraft is unsurprisingly the most used launcher for the game. It dedicates 1GB-2GB RAM to Minecraft by default. But if you want to scale that up and allocate more memory, here’s how to do it:

  • Boot the Minecraft launcher, and select the latest version of Minecraft (Recommended) or any other version you want to play.
  • From the opened tabs at the top of the launcher, click on “Installations.” If you haven’t set up specific versions, you will see all the game releases or the most recent ones.
  • Bring your cursor to the latest version (Or the one you want to play), and you shall see three dots appear. Click on the three-dots icon and click “Edit” again.
How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft
  • In the “Edit Installations” menu, click on “More Options” below the resolution settings, and you will see two new boxes appear, “Java Executable” and “JVM Arguments.”
  • In the “JVM Arguments” box, you will see a code “-Xmx1G…” / “-Xmx2G…” written. The number written after the -Xmx code is the amount of memory you want to dedicate to Minecraft.
  • Change the number before “G” to the memory you want to allocate to Minecraft.
  • Click “Save” at the bottom right of the window, and you’re ready!

AT Launcher For Minecraft

You’re probably familiar with the AT launcher if you’ve decided to go heavy on mods in Minecraft. However, allocating more RAM is even easier with this launcher than with the default launcher. You don’t have to play with codes. Here’s how it goes:

  • Start the AT Launcher, and from the right side of the screen, click on “Settings.”
  • You will see a new screen with different tabs open. Open the tab that says “Java/Minecraft.”
AT Launcher For Minecraft
  • There should be multiple options available to you on the screen. Select “Maximum Memory/RAM,” the second option visible.
  • You can type the amount of memory you want to dedicate to Minecraft or use the Up and Down arrows for the movement.
  • Once you’ve selected the amount of memory you want to dedicate to the game, click the “Save” icon at the bottom.

Allocate More RAM To Minecraft Server

Your gaming experience while playing multiplayer on Minecraft is highly dependent on the resources available to the server. Here is how you dedicate RAM to the Minecraft Server.

How To Allocate More Ram To Minecraft
  • Type Minecraft_Server.exe in the Windows search option, right-click on the file, and open the folder location.
  • Create a new text document and open it to type the following code.

java -Xmx####M -Xms####M -exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true

  • Change “####” to the RAM you want to dedicate to the Minecraft Server. E.g., 1024, 2048, 3072, 4096, etc.
  • Now save the document as “Minecraft_Server.bat. It is essential to save the document as .bat, as this will be your new launcher for the game with allocated RAM.
  • Run the file.

Other Ways To Enhance FPS For Minecraft

The book’s oldest trick to enhance FPS for a game is leveling its graphics. If you’re playing at the highest graphics settings for the game and observe lagging and stuttering, reducing it will probably solve your problem.

However, if that’s not the case, there’s one other trick you might have missed out on. Optifine released a killer model for Minecraft last year, and it works wonders by increasing your game’s FPS. If you missed this mod, read about downloading and installing it here.

But if nothing works, you might want to upgrade your computer’s hardware for improved gameplay. The more advanced and higher specifications you have for your computer, the smoother experience you will have with Minecraft.


Allocating your RAM or more than 70% (if you have a total of 4GB) will more likely cause your PC to freeze or crash instead of speeding up the game. It may be possible if you’re not running any task in the background, but it usually doesn’t work.

Allocating 2GB of 4GB RAM should give you a smooth gaming experience if you’re not running any additional MODS. However, if you have enough RAM to spare, it never hurts!

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