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What Is Pname Com Facebook Orca? And How To Fix It

According to the report of Forbes, Do you know there are 1.32 billion users on Facebook? And about 50 million institutes use Facebook pages. Adding more about the Facebook app, overall, clients have the Facebook messenger for ease of communications. Have you ever came to a pop-up message while using Facebook? It can be for many reasons. Nowadays, most people facing pname com Facebook orca error message while using the Facebook app.

Whats Is Pname Com Facebook Orca Error

Pname com Facebook orca is an error message for Android or iOS phones. It appears because of the disagreement between your phone and installed the Facebook messenger app. It is because of the caches of Facebook messenger.

As a result of researches, when you try to open the Facebook messenger app and an error pop-up right there: “, it means there is some conflict between your phone and Facebook messenger.

What is com Facebook orca Folder?

Pname com Facebook orca only appears with the Facebook messenger app. If the messenger is not installed, then you will not get in this error. When you install Facebook Messenger on your phone, it automatically creates a folder of com.facebook.orca. The purpose of this folder it keeps your information save that you have in messenger. It’s a hidden folder created by the Facebook messenger app.

How To Fix This Error?

It’s super easy to fix this Facebook Orca error. There is no need to download the Orca app to fix this issue on your phone. There are many ways to fix this Pname com Facebook orca error message.

Here is a secure and long-lasting solution to fix this error without deleting the com.facebook.orca folder from your phone.

1st Method:

  • Go to the Phone setting.
  • Go to the Application Manager/App manager.
  • Choose the “Facebook messenger app.”
  • Tap on the “Facebook Messenger app.”
  • Choose “Storage Options”
  • Tap “Clear Caches”

Make sure you tap on clear caches, not “clear data”; otherwise, it will delete the user name, and you might need to log in again. Once the cache clears, the error message will disappear, and the app will start working usually.

Remove & Install Again Facebook Messenger App:

2nd Method:

If the 1st method does not work then move to the next one that is uninstalling the Facebook messenger app and reinstall it again. Uninstalling the app will automatically delete the folder com.facebook.orca and the previous caches will also delete automatically. And while reinstalling the app, it will create a new folder, but the error message will be removed permanently from your phone screen.

Is Deleting com Facebook Orca is Helpful?

Of course not! Because it can’t remove. Once if you win to eliminate it. It will automatically create again by Facebook Messenger App. its an essential feature of the messenger App that keeps your information safe that you have in your messenger.

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