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How To Install A Lag Switch on A Home Network?

So, you finally figured out why your game stutters in some combat situations, and you always end up losing? You’re not alone! Online gaming used to be a competitive place to test your skills and expertise against other players. But that was all until some sneaky guys came around using a lag switch to gain an advantage over others.

Your game may lag or stutter because of a slow internet connection, but lag switchers are strong contenders as well. Some online gamers do stoop quite low if you’ve ever wondered. And since you fight fire with fire, learning about a lag switch gives you a fighting chance on your opponent’s home field.

What is a Lag Switch?

What is a Lag Switch
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A lag switch is a device that interrupts the flow of data to your PC, PlayStation, or Xbox when installed on the line that connects your device to your router. It does so by blocking the flow of data from the console/PC and benefits a gamer from an online gaming loophole.

A lag switch is installed in three ways:

  • Hardware Lag Switch

A hardware lag switch is installing a switch on the ethernet cable connecting the modem and router. Or the cable connecting your console/PC to the router. Flipping the switch stops the sending of data to servers momentarily.

  • Software Lag Switch

Software lag switches work by choking the data uploading capacity of your internet connection. It overloads your network with high internet consumption, leaving a much narrower bandwidth (almost none) for your game.

  • Manually Disconnecting the Network

As the name suggests, it disconnects the network manually by either plugging out the Ethernet cable or switching off the network on your console/PC. However, it is a very less popular and least effective way of lag switching.

How Does it Work?

Lag Switch Work
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During online gaming, your console or PC continuously sends and receives data to the game servers. The higher your send/receive rate (high-speed internet connection), the smoother your game is. Now, while the natural lagging of a game is annoying to everyone, lag switching is only irritating to your opponents. Here’s how!

When you’re using a lag switch and flip the switch during a game, it temporarily disables the outbound signal from your game while still receiving data from the servers. This gives a false signal to the gaming servers, indicating you have disconnected from the game. When in reality, you’ve only restricted the network traffic and can take a strategic spot without other gamers noticing.

Note: Unintentional stuttering and lagging of a game may indicate a slower computer. Read here to find out how to speed up your computer for a smoother gaming experience.

Any damage you take or inflict during these 1-10 seconds of disconnection is cached up. And as soon as you go back online, it appears as a burst of bullets or you teleporting to your opponents. Either way, it is an ultimate weapon in online shooting games as you’re practically invincible during the time of disconnect.

Note: A lag switch is not a fair online gaming tactic and is frowned upon by most gaming platforms. Any means that gives you an unfair advantage over your opponent can get you kicked out and even banned from gaming communities.

How to Make a Lag Switch?

Make a Lag Switch
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When other gamers don’t hesitate while stooping so low, why should you? Here’s your guide to making a DIY lag switch to give those sneaky gamers a taste of their own medicine!

1. The Materials You’ll Need to Make a Lag Switch

Although this is a DIY project, you’ll still need to make a quick trip to your local hardware store to get:

  • An internet cable (Cat5e Cable).
  • A zero-lag passthrough or ultra-low latency toggle switch.
  • Soldering wire and iron.
  • Extra wires.
  • A switch-holder or a case.
  • Wire cutters.

2. The Process

Once you have all the above items at hand, you can make your own lag switch in a few minutes.

  • Step 1: Open the internet (Cat5e) cable connected to the modem with wire cutters carefully and not damage any internal wire.
  • Step 2: Separate the Orange Wire from the rest. (There is also a semi-orange wire with white strips, that’s not the one! You’re looking for a solid orange)
  • Step 3: Cut the orange wire and strip the ends to reveal the conducting material inside.
  • Step 4: Solder the revealed ends of the orange wire to the toggle switch. Such that it should control the flow of current in that wire precisely.
  • Step 5: Fit the toggle switch in a switch-holder or case to avoid damage at the soldered joints.

3. Using the Lag Switch

Using the Lag Switch
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With the lag switch in place, you’re now all set to gain higher ground in FPP shooting games. When playing Call of Duty, Gear of Wars, Halo, or any other online game, wait till your opponent nears. And when they do, flick the switch to gain a 10 seconds advantage in gameplay.

Optimizing your ram for online and offline gaming is a fair and just way to prove your skillset. Learn more about optimizing your ram for Minecraft and similar games over here.

Use it to settle nasty vendettas or to get back at online gamers who have been tricking you all along. But make sure you understand the fair gameplay guidelines on the servers you use it on. Or, you may end up getting yourself kicked out of the game or getting banned completely.

What Do Other Players See When You Activate a Lag Switch?

When you use a lag switch during an online game, the gameplay slows down for your opponents as you become invincible. Although it works smoothly when you’re the host, it can still apply to non-native game rooms.

Your opponent may see you jumping around, avoiding damage. Or, they may see you teleport around from one place to another. However, the main thing that upsets every opponent is how they cannot inflict damage on you while you can damage them in a burst due to unpredictable moves.

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