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Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair: Which One Should You Choose?

Is it the dim colors of an office chair that upsets you or the sturdy back? If you check either one of these reasons, getting yourself a gaming chair may be a solution. But before we dive into the Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair debate, let’s find out what sets them apart!

Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair: Background

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It wasn’t until the second half of the 20th century that manufacturers incorporated ergonomics in chairs. Ergonomics is designing a product based on the psychological and physiological human factors for productivity and comfort.

The farthest office chairs could run with an ergonomic design was a slight-rocking feature and adjustable height. Although they don’t seem to make much of a difference, it does take the load off of your back and improves circulation.

But that was all until sitting endlessly in front of screens was not normal!

As computer dependency grew in the early 2000s, an office chair’s design flaws came to light. And these flaws not only gave users poor posture and back injuries but also crippled productivity. In these high times of need, DXRacer (A sports car seat manufacturer) came up with the first gaming chair in 2006.

However, the new gaming chairs did not see the higher ends of the market until 2016, when it sky-rocketed.

Design and Features

You need to sit at a desk for both gaming and working. But the comfort, style, design, and durability for both tasks are far apart. If you’re looking to get yourself the most well-equipped chair, skimming past the design and features will give you a better pivot on which to base your decision.

1. Office Chair

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Office chairs are the most common desk chairs we know. They come in a multitude of designs, types, and structures, though all very minimalistic.

Office chairs are dull on aesthetics as they’re meant to blend in with a work environment. And why not? The last thing you want on a conference call is for your client to notice your chair’s flashy colors.

Black, metallic grey or light grey are the colors you’ll find an office chair in quite commonly. And with a flat or waterfall base to support your legs’ weight and fixed armrests, you get the immediate comfort of sitting in a chair.

Office chairs usually have a midback design, though most premium quality chairs come with a high-rise back for full support. But without the incline feature, it does get a little uncomfortable over a prolonged sitting hour.

2. Gaming Chair

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Gaming chairs are a hot trend amongst streamers and diehard gamers. It is because of the unlimited, customizable features that they stock up on.

A typical gaming chair is flashier and more expressive in colors than an office chair. And unlike the cushion covered in mesh for office chairs, gaming chairs feature multiple fabrics.

However, the feature that brings a gaming chair to highlight is the trademark high-rise back, neck, lumbar pillow, flashy colors, and impressive tilt. A gaming chair allows you to adjust the tilt position of the backrest and also the seat height.

Additionally, a premium gaming chair is equipped with built-in Bluetooth, speakers, and a microphone for a complete gaming experience. The added padding and extra support give a much comfortable experience.

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Gaming Chair Vs Office Chair: Comparison

Gaming chairs have upset the office chairs market for quite some time now. Since they’re not interchangeable in roles, you need to identify what you’ll be doing most with your chair. Is it going to be work mostly or gaming?

If you’re slowing down at work after a few hours, the chair couldn’t be the only problem. A slow PC, too, is crippling to work productivity. Here’s how you can speed it up.

Besides, knowing the key differences before making a purchase always ends up in a sweeter deal. So, let’s see how these chairs hold up against each other in comparison!

1. Aesthetics

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As highlighted in the description above, the aesthetics of gaming and office chairs are strikingly different. Where one is designed for maximum durability and attentiveness, the other elaborate comfort, luxury, and customization.

The color range for office chairs is often limited, whereas there is no end to customization for gaming chairs. Apart from the stock appealing colors, you can personalize the chair by ordering a symbol or character-themed chair.

2. Comfort

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Comfort is the most important aspect of any desk chair and one that you should never overlook. Seeing how you’ll be spending hours at a stretch on a chair, whether you’re gaming or working, you need a chair to suit your comfort.

On the surface, office chairs seem to be more comfortable for short use. That’s because most of us are familiar with the design and structure and fit right in. On the contrary, a gaming chair needs time to get used to it but offers much more comfort over long stretches.

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The added extra padding, incline/decline, 3-D arms support, extended back, adjustable pillows, and a soft fabric offer all the comfort you want from a gaming chair.

3. Ergonomics

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Simply put, ergonomics is designing equipment to maximize human performance and comfort. And in chairs, it translates to how much your muscles tire after sitting for long periods.

When it comes to ergonomics, office chairs cover the most basic aspects. They feature a fixed armrest, mid-back support, and fixed angle to operate on.

On the contrary, gaming chairs emphasize ergonomics in every posture and style of sitting. They start with high-rise back support that you can tilt for perfect posture. The ability to take the weight from your lumbar onto your back muscles improves blood circulation and allows your spine access to more minerals.

The adjustable armrests can be set to support your arms during different postures. And that too contributes to taking the weight off of your spine.

Moreover, a bucket seat design for gaming chairs inspired by motorsports does not find much use for daily usage. And that’s where the waterfall seat of an office chair takes the lead.

4. Price

The differences between an office chair and a gaming chair are settled by the price tag they have. Gaming chairs are costlier on average, but a premium office chair is more expensive than a premium gaming chair.

Office chairs average at around $150, whereas a gaming chair price starts around $200.

The Final Verdict

Seemingly, a gaming chair outranks an office chair in design, comfort, aesthetics, utility, and even price. Still, that doesn’t mean that it is a perfect alternative to an office chair.

The best way to select a chair for yourself is to note down your requirements. If you are working most of the time and need extra support for your spine, high-end office chairs feature many comfort and luxury factors.

On the contrary, if you’re a gamer, you could benefit from a gaming chair’s in-built gaming support system.

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