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Exploring the Anticipated Advancements of Garmin Fenix 8

With the recent debut of the Garmin Fenix 7 in January 2022, speculation around the forthcoming Garmin Fenix 8 is well underway. Given Garmin’s historical pattern of introducing new iterations every two to three years, the Fenix 8 is expected to grace the market in the early months of 2024. Let’s delve into the realm of educated predictions and leaks to envisage what the next-gen sports watch might encompass.

Release Timeline and Price of Garmin Fenix 8

The Fenix 6 saw its release in April 2019, followed by the Fenix 7 series in January 2022. Consequently, it’s plausible to anticipate the Fenix 8 around early 2025, although Garmin has been known to deviate from its standard timeline. A 2024 launch could be within the realm of possibility. As for the price, expect an entry point of around $750 / £699 / AU$1,000.

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Aspirations for the Garmin Fenix 8

Garmin Fenix 8
(Image credit: Garmin)

The interval between Fenix releases allows for substantial technological progress. With the Fenix 8, a selection of features is yearned for:

  • Size Variability

Garmin’s commitment to inclusivity may extend into the Fenix 8, potentially offering multiple size options akin to the Fenix 7’s trio of choices. A particularly intriguing notion is the introduction of a super compact variant, boasting a case diameter of 40mm or less. This notion takes inspiration from the Vivoactive 4S. Although not as petite as the Garmin Lily, technological strides might permit a more compact design.

  • AMOLED Display

The Fenix 7 unveiled Garmin’s inaugural touchscreen Fenix model, heralding the likelihood of a touch-sensitive Fenix 8. The prospect of an AMOLED display gracing the Fenix 8 raises anticipation. Improved battery technology could enable the integration of an AMOLED display sans a hike in recharge frequency. This leap in display quality would not only enhance sharpness but could also accommodate on-screen animated workouts and improved map readability.

  • Integrated Microphone

In 2022, Garmin introduced the Venu 2 Plus, featuring a microphone to interact with phone voice assistants and receive calls seamlessly. This seemingly minor enhancement proved remarkably practical in tests. While a Fenix 7 Plus with a microphone might surface, the incorporation of this feature as standard in the Fenix 8 is a hoped-for upgrade.

  • Ample Pre-Loaded Maps

Expanded storage potential in the Fenix 8 opens doors for enhanced map accessibility. The Fenix 7 came with free map packs, with the Sapphire Solar edition housing pre-loaded TopoActive maps. An augmentation in onboard storage could result in all Fenix 8 models offering a comprehensive set of maps, eliminating the need for additional downloads.

  • ECG Sensor

As ECG sensors gradually permeate smartwatches and fitness trackers, Garmin has yet to incorporate one into its devices. However, leaks indicate the inclusion of an ECG sensor, hinting at the Fenix 8’s potential capabilities. While the Fenix 8 might not be the pioneer in monitoring heart irregularities, the incorporation of this feature appears promising.

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Envisioning the Future

Garmin Fenix 8
(Image credit: Garmin)

While conjecture remains the name of the game until official announcements, potential variations of the Fenix 8 are intriguing. Similar to the Fenix 7’s S, X, and Solar models, the Garmin Fenix 8 might follow suit. However, a Crossover model with analog hands seems improbable due to the indispensability of the Fenix series’ topographical maps.

As the horizon teems with the promise of the Garmin Fenix 8, we stand poised to seize glimpses of its impending marvels. Whether leaked tidbits, patent registrations, or official announcements, we remain vigilant and ready to update this discourse with fresh insights as they unfurl.

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