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Top 10 Galaxy Watch Apps To Download

Smartwatches have evolved dramatically in the last decade. We get a much more customized, and responsive feeling from the smartwatches going around the market today from boasting only but a lasting battery for talk time. And much of the credit goes to app compatibility and dedicated app releases for smartwatches. So today, we’re going to cover the best Galaxy Watch apps to personalize your gadget experience!

Do More With Your Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch!

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Smartwatches may never reach the timelessness and elegance of a classic and expensive watch. Still, they do much more than just tell time. Increased integration to Smart appliances, tracking your fitness, organizing tasks, and listening to music on the go are some of the many features a Galaxy Smart Watches offers.

The in-built GPS, Wi-fi receptor, mini-CPU, and seamless display lays a strong hardware foundation for the gadget. You can tag your car in a parking spot to find it later and can even remotely access your mobile cam or home surveillance from a tap on your Watch!

So, if you’ve been wondering whether the new SmartWatch is worth the money, the answer is yes! It may not offer you a face-value, but the tech integration and sleek design do a lot to simplify your lifestyle!

Top-Rated Galaxy Watch Apps

Despite the strong hardware, the new Galaxy Smart Watch doesn’t come equipped with many apps. However, you can download apps from the Galaxy Store or the Play Store to personalize your gadget experience.

Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch apps that are a must-have for all Smart Watch owners!

Samsung Health


Samsung Health is hands-down the best fitness app we have on android interfaces. The SmartWatch version offers nearly all the functions available for a mobile device. Only a little more convenient to carry and log your daily activity.

The application allows you to:

  • Calculating running, walking, or jogging distance.
  • View burnt-calories during a workout.
  • Evaluate workouts as running, planks, pushup, etc.
  • Monitor stress levels and vitals.
  • Record sleeping patterns.
  • Access breathing exercises.
  • Monitor and evaluate your stress levels.
  • Link your data over the cloud for easy reference and access.

And even though it is a licensed Samsung product, it does not come pre-installed on the Watch. You can, however, toggle to Galaxy App Store and download one for your device. It is an essential fitness tool and should be one of the very first apps you add to your Watch.

Interested in keeping your health in check while on the go? Find out the best blood pressure apps to keep a track of your vitals wherever you go!

SmartThings By Samsung


How often do you feel the urge to control the appliances at your home remotely? Is it when you’re rushing home on a scorching summer’s day and want your house to cool before you arrive? Or is it when you want to get the porch light once you’re already tucked away in bed?

We all want a bit of home automation sometimes. Only now, it’s just a tap away!

Samsung SmartThings allows you to control lights, thermostats, home appliances, and even shutters remotely. Get the app from the Galaxy Store and finish setting it up. (Which shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes)

With SmartThings installed on your Watch, you can even set up home automation. So, you wouldn’t even have to access your appliances every time. You can fix a time for lights, temperature, and other appliances for improved comfort and energy saving.



If you want to take the remote-operating experience even a step further, look nowhere else but Bixby. Bixby is Samsung’s virtual assistant, kind of like Siri and Alexa. And it’s one of the best Galaxy Watch apps to install for those doing things on the run.

All you have to do is say, “Hey, Bixby!” to launch the app, and then you can voice-command it for different tasks. Whether you want to set up a reminder, add up to your schedule, operate Smart appliances, play music, or send out a text message, Bixby does it all!

However, the only peculiarity is that you need to have an active internet connection to operate Bixby. So, if you don’t have Wi-fi in range or your SmartWatch connected to an online phone, you won’t get to enjoy the full perks of the Virtual Assistant.

Ai is one of the latest technology inventions that is fastly integrating into our lives. Check out some more latest inventions to introduce comfort into your life in our detailed article!



If you don’t already have it, you’re missing out on a major chunk of fun and entertainment.

Spotify is a music streaming app that lets you access millions of playlists and podcasts. Not only that, the app interface offers remarkable suggestions of songs and generates custom playlists based on your music preference.

Thankfully, Samsung has added an optimized app for SmartWatch in the Play Store. You can play music from your existing library, browse through popular genres, and even operate your desktop or mobile app.

Moreover, you also have the amazing feature of downloading music to your Watch. So, if you’re a runner and like to leave your phone when going out, this might be the perfect companion you’ve been looking for!

With endless music streams and the ability to download it, you take music pretty much wherever you go!

Old Spotify playlists can make a clutter on your SmartWatch screen. For a new look, creating a new account is usually recommended. And to keep your subscription from going to waste, you might want to delete your old Spotify account.



The calculator is a pretty useful app to keep handy. You never really know when you have to run a calculation, whether it is simple or complex.

The app does pretty much what it says. It calculates! Not that you need some advanced math calculation daily. But you do need precision at certain moments. Calculating your bill at a restaurant, quick budgeting for a week or a quick calculation of taxes are some common situations you might need a calculator for.

Though it comes pre-installed on most Samsung devices, so is not the Galaxy Smart Watch case. The app can be found on Google Play Store and is Play Protect certified. Also, it’s fairly simple to use. With the capacity of calculating up to nine digits, it’s quite handy to have something like that rest on your wrist!



You don’t always have to skim through your bags and find your phone to call an Uber. Fortunately, you can download the app from the Play Store on your Watch and get, more or less, the same features at a tap’s distance on your wrist.

Sometimes, you’ve got too much luggage in your hands and can’t pull out your phone. And in those times, voice-commanding an Uber from your wrist is definitely a convenient thing to have!

You can operate the app via voice-command, or you can go the manual way. Launch the application, feed in your location, and tap on “GO!”

Camera One


If you’re a memories enthusiast and love taking photos in groups, this app does wonders for you! It’s one of the only Galaxy apps that allow you to access and control your phone’s camera.

Both the rear and the front-facing camera can be accessed through the app. You can tap on the camera icon that appears on the screen to switch cameras as you please.

Although you can use it for low-key surveillance, its best usage is in taking perfectly timed and captured photos. It is surely one of the best Galaxy Watch apps out there and you can do so much with this. Take photos, record videos, zoom in/zoom out, set a timer, adjust flash settings, and whatnot!

Camera one is an ideal app to add up to your photography arsenal.

Voice Memo


How often do you feel the need to note down something important but don’t want to pull a pen and paper out?

Voice memo is an essential app for you if taking notes in a hurry is something you do a lot! You can access the app by tapping on your Watch, launching the app, and recording a quick voice memo. It is saved, and you can listen to it later on. This way, nothing gets past your memory. You can note down all that is important.

Unlike most premium Galaxy Smart Watch apps, you don’t need to have your phone around to access the app. Thanks to the built-in memory on Galaxy Watches, you can record your memos on the go and have them saved for access later on. You can also transfer the memos to your phone later on as it gives you that option.



You don’t usually need a stopwatch around until you have it!

The Timer app on Google Play is pretty much as the name suggests. It is a handy stopwatch, which is also found commonly in classic-styled watches. More than giving you a touch of the old days, Timer has many modern-day benefits as well.

Do you feel like you need to time your chores more often? Or need time for your baking and cooking? Do you need to time how long your workout goes (planks and skipping)? Or, do you need to time yourself on meditations?

Whatever you need to time, it has never been easier than using the Timer app on your Galaxy Smart Watch. You don’t need to carry your phone around you for a quick stopwatch. It is always only a tap away!



Although the digital face of a Smartwatch is a unique look, it is more bang for the buck, but you may still prefer an old classic watch face to go on your wrist.

If you want to customize your Watch and add aesthetic faces to it, Facer is surely the app for Galaxy Watch that you need!

Facer has a huge directory of built-in watch faces that you can choose from. From the classic Rolex style to Mont Blanc’s simplistic backgrounds, you can choose any face of a watch that you like.

And like most applications on this list, it doesn’t come pre-installed on the device. The app is available on Google Play Store. There is no registration or hidden charges. It’s simple, efficient, and easy to use.

Ending Thoughts

Watches mean much more than just time-speaking ornaments. And to miss out on the action by not installing the best Galaxy watch apps is a waste.

You must have your own preference of apps as you browse through Stores on your Watch. But the apps mentioned above are a must-have for all Smart Watch owners. These apps make your daily life more convenient and fun and add a bit of luxury to your life.

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