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Sony Monitor Control App Outshines iPhone 15 Pro for Video Enthusiasts

The recently released iPhone 15 Pro displayed impressive improvements in professional filming skills. Compatible smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone 15 Pro, can transform into wireless video monitors for Sony cameras. Still, Sony has stolen the show by announcing a ground-breaking application.

This program, called “Monitor & Control,” is easily accessible on both the Google Play and Apple App. It enables your smart device to be a wireless video monitor with advanced focusing and exposure features. Sony camera owners with compatible smartphones or tablets can now enjoy enhanced professional video control. Making the iPhone 15 Pro invisible is a risky approach.

The software’s capabilities substantially improve upon what high-end Sony Xperia smartphones could previously accomplish, as they could only function as secondary monitors for Sony cameras through wired connections.

sony monitor control app
Image Credit: Sony

Today’s smartphones have opulently big displays, like the stunning 4K screen on the top-tier Sony Xperia 1 V. Compared to professional cameras’ typical three-inch screens, these screens are significantly bigger. The accompanying illustration shows how tablet displays are considerably larger and provide a clearer view of the frame.

Video monitoring is invaluable for quickly constructing photos and making crucial assessments of exposure and focus. There is no need to physically link the monitor to the connected camera when this monitoring is wireless. Any appropriate cold shoe adapter can be positioned next to the camera.

When they turn on Monitor & Control, camera operators and directors can stand back and watch the camera’s perspective on their cellphones. Along with precise focus controls, they acquire accurate exposure monitoring, including Histogram, False Color, and Waveform.

This app serves professionals, works with Sony FX30, FX3, and FX6 cine cameras, and plans to support the upcoming Sony Burano CineAlta 8K camera, priced at around $30,000 or £25,000+ next year.

sony monitor control app
Image Credit: Sony

An Expanding Sony Creators’ Cloud Suite

The ever-growing Sony Creators’ Cloud package now includes Monitor & Control. This platform quickly converts Sony cameras into dependable, easily controllable devices.

The Creators’ Cloud app significantly improves remote camera control for the Sony A7C R, offering better reliability and user-friendly features compared to previous Sony applications for A7 series mirrorless cameras.

Many Sony Alpha customers have already expressed interest in the new Monitor & Control software, while it is still unclear whether it will be available for other Sony camera types. Nevertheless, it makes sense to predict that this expansion will take place. Meanwhile, not all of Sony’s hybrid mirrorless models provide controls for exposure monitoring like False Color. In these circumstances, the app would only limit its functionalities to practical tasks such as recording start/stop times and adjusting color profiles, white balance, and other settings.

Monitor & Control is a visually stunning tool for professional video creators that’s free to download from the iOS and Android app stores. In this situation, Sony has undoubtedly played its cards wisely.

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