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The New Samsung Z3 Fold Introduces a Brand New Smartphone Experience

Samsung stands on the brink of transforming the way we look at smartphones with the release of the Z3 Fold. The Korean tech company made the reveal of the Samsung Z3 Fold in a banger of a video just yesterday. But what is arguably the best Smartphone advertisement video is the least of what lies ahead. The new foldable phone will have 5 cameras, 3 screens, S Pen, and much more!

The Camera Hub

The much-awaited successor to the Fold 2 will have a 10 Megapixels selfie camera at the front, and a 4 Megapixels selfie camera on its bigger screen. But that isn’t nearly what Samsung has packed on the back panel this year. The beefed-up hub features a 12 Megapixels Telephoto, 12 Megapixels Ultrawide, and a 12 Megapixels wide lens at the back. And if these sound familiar, it’s because they’re identical to Samsung’s flagship models, the S21 and Note20!


The display is never a thing to perfect for a foldable phone. But Samsung breaks all stereotypes by featuring a 120Hz display for each of its 3 screens. A 6.2-inch AMELOD display sits atop the new smartphone. And opens up to 7.6 inches of Infinity Flex display on the inside. Faster gaming, smooth scrolling, and an unparalleled cinematic experience? Yeah, check all of the above!

S Pens

The S Pen was the most awaited addition to the Fold lineup by customers. And Samsung does not disappoint the fans this year. By introducing an air gesture and on-screen supportive S Pen feature, the large internal display makes taking notes even more fun. Also, Samsung claims for the screens to withstand the writing of even those who are heavy on hand.

What’s More?

The all-new Samsung Z3 Fold does not put a stop to its features here. Not only will the phone have sturdier hinges, but is waterproof for up to 30 min at 1.5m underwater! Is there something Samsung hasn’t thought of adding to the new flagship lineup yet?

The concern for fragile screens is met by packing them in a military-grade aluminum alloy. And if Samsung’s claims are on point, the mysterious alloy is around 10% stronger than the aluminum casing in use for most smartphones today.

Ralph Gary
Ralph Gary
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