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Samsung Z Flip 3 is Now Cheaper, Water-Proof, and Has an Under-the-Screen Camera

Samsung is on a spree to stretch the boundaries of what a smartphone can do this year. Along with the Z Fold 3, it unveiled a completely different flip phone from what we saw with the Z Flip 2. Though it is packed with the same clamshell we saw with baseline Z Flip, its features tell a different story!

The Camera Hub

The Z Flip series introduces a whole new concept of photography and videography. You can set the phone on any surface for the selfie you and your group crave the most. And the outside screen, now 4x larger, makes up for crystal clear selfies. Speaking of which, the Samsung Z Flip 3 will have a 10MP selfie camera hidden in the screen punch-hole.

And on the back, a 12MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization along with a 12MP Ultra-Wide camera having a view of 123 degrees puts it on par with any flagship series on the market today.

The Screen Display

Samsung Z Flip 3’s 6.7-inch screen will have a Corning Gorilla Glass layer sitting atop a full HD AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The doubled refresh rate will make gaming and scrolling smooth as a hot knife through butter.

Samsung also claims the new flexible glass is much more durable than the previous versions. And for the shell, an astronautical grade aluminum allows makes it much resistant to falls.

What’s More?

Leaving the best for the last, you can now take your flip phone swimming with you! The Samsung Z Flip 3 is waterproof for up to 10 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters in water. It wasn’t an easy fix but mysterious lubricants and double-sided tapes play their part in protecting the phone from moisture.

The flagship model is also $200 cheaper than the previous model, making it a strong contender at a price of $1000 dollars. Users looking for a new look and appeal are eager to get their hands on the Samsung Z Flip 3.

Jennifer Zilin
Jennifer Zilin
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