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Here is Where You Can Get Nintendo Switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch OLED has been wiped out of the stores as soon s it was released. If you by any chance want to get your hands on the console this year and that too before Christmas, we have got some options for you. 

It’s very hard to find the console, but we know some places where restocks will be happening soon and that too this year. Here are some options that are your best bet at finding the Nintendo Switch OLED: Walmart and Amazon both have consoles in stock, while GameStop has console bundles available that come with a copy of Mario Kart 8 and a nice travel case.

Same as the Playstation 5 and Xbox X series were almost impossible to get your hands on, and It’s the same with the Nintendo Switch OLED. But since I helped you then and there, we are here to help you find a Nintendo Switch OLED as well. These handheld consoles are the hot stuff this season, and everyone has been eager to buy them, but there haven’t been many consoles. PS5 and the Xbox X series included too are hard to get because of the global chip shortage. And the shortage is not getting resolved any time soon, so there’s that. 

There have been a few restocks this holiday season which is why they have been selling out too quickly. If you want to get your hands on one as soon as possible, here are some tips for you:

  • Try using retailers’ apps instead of their websites as they are way more accurate and faster. This will give you a faster and a double chance of scoring the console. 
  • Always read the order page. Some retailers have a two-stage purchasing system, such as best buy. They require you to click “buy” once to add it to your cart, and then again, it lights up for double confirmation. We don’t blame them either, as it’s to stop bots from placing orders. 
  • Refresh the page again and again for a while if you see “out of stock.” retailers sometimes release products in small batches to prevent bots from placing orders which is why refreshing the page is a smart choice. 
  • Create an account on the retailer’s website, so you have a faster chance of buying the console. By signing up, your purchasing information will be saved, so all it would take is a single click. 

These were some of our tips to help you get your hands on a Nintendo Switch OLED. Although keep in mind, the white console tends to sell out faster than the blue and red because of its sleek look. So, if you are not interested in the color and are more interested in the new specs, keep an eye out for the red and blue as well. Moreover, we suggest you only buy from official retailers and not random people from the internet to save yourselves from scams. 

Where has the Switch OLED been available recently?

We have gathered some information regarding the Nintendo Switch OLED restock. Here is where they will be available soon:

  • Amazon: Dec. 11
  • Walmart: Dec. 11
  • Target: Dec. 10
  • GameStop: Dec. 10
  • Best Buy: Nov. 18 (for online availability)

Your best chance at finding the console is if you check the websites or apps as we suggested of these retailers frequently. Sometimes they also restock without announcing it. So, get to the app and keep on refreshing.

Ralph Gary
Ralph Gary
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