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Nintendo Switch OLED Debuts Among Gaming Consoles

Nintendo America gave a sigh of relief to gaming fans worldwide as they announced the release of the fourth iteration for the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch OLED. The latest addition to the Switch family will only be a premium addition to the old lineup. Nintendo Switch OLED will be available from 8 October 2021 onwards. It will support the same games and features as the predecessor models. However, it does come with a banging display update as Nintendo switches to an OLED screen.

What New Features Does the Nintendo Switch OLED Have?

The most prominent upgrade to see in the new Nintendo Switch is the display. It has wider 7-inch screen support by OLED technology, unlike the previous LCD displays. The increased screen size allows for more real estate for high graphics games like Minecraft and Legend of Zelda.

But what good is an upgraded display size without audio enhancements? Though the latest Switch model doesn’t hold up to the expectations of a spatial audio system, it still has upgraded the built-in speakers for an improved handheld gaming experience. The wider kick adjustable stand also complements gaming in handheld mode, which is a decent improvement.

Other prominent hardware upgrades include a modernized dock for the console and a LAN port. The new dock will not be available for retail sale and can be purchased only from the Nintendo Store online. It features rounded edges for a sleek design and hopefully, will cost the same as the previous dock models, which is $60. The inclusion of a LAN port in the Nintendo Switch OLED is to improve the gaming experience by enhanced connectivity.

Saving the best for the last, the new Nintendo Switch OLED model will also see a storage upgrade from 32GB to 64GB. And on top of that, it will still support the MicroSD as an external storage option.

Ralph Gary
Ralph Gary
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