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How to Discover New Artists in Your Favorite Style

Find your art style by taking cues from the artists you admire. You can do this by studying their techniques, practicing in different genres (like painting vs. drawing), and exploring a variety of subject matter like landscapes, still life, and anatomy.

You can also subscribe to music blogs and podcasts that offer commentary on the latest songs and trends in music. These are a great way to discover new artists, especially if you’re looking for something different.

1. Listen to Their Music

discovering new artists

Music is a powerful tool for discovering new artists. Listening to their music at a coffee shop or on the radio helps you learn more about their style and influences. Music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music offer a ‘Discover’ feature. It uses human curation and AI to predict the music you’ll enjoy based on your listening habits and current trends. Adding favorite artists to your list provides notifications for new releases.

Alternatively, you can search for other people’s playlists based on specific music genres. For example, playlists help you focus, concentrate, work out, or relax. These playlists are a great way to discover new artists that you might enjoy listening to. You can also check out apps such as Shazam or SoundHound to identify the music playing around you.

Another way to discover new music is to listen to the albums that your favorite artists have released. This will give you a better understanding of their musical style and how they have developed over time. You can also see if their songs are a good fit for your current mood, as this will help you determine what kind of music you want to listen to in the future.

You can skip songs you don’t like and explore other tracks on the album. With certain streaming services, you can create a custom playlist based on an artist and have it play automatically.

Search for the producer of your favorite musicians to discover more of their work. Producers often play a crucial role in shaping artists’ music, so they may collaborate on multiple projects.

2. Check Out Their Social Media

artists social media

New artists use social media to create influence. However, it can also be time-consuming and overwhelming for an artist working alone. Many artists need help to balance posting on their accounts and creating new artwork to post.

Artists can make social media work for them without compromising studio time or quality of work. Using relevant hashtags and following art curation accounts like (@artsper_ and @blackwomeninvisualart) helps artists connect with a targeted audience interested in their work, potentially leading to sales.

Another great way to discover music is by using social media platforms specifically designed for music discovery (like TikTok and Instagram). These platforms allow you to film yourself performing songs or making art and then share it with your followers. The key is to keep your reels short and snappy, about 20 seconds. This will give your viewers a taste of your work and tell them to check out your full-length videos on your website or YouTube channel.

For discovering new artists, your social media channels should work together and direct traffic to your website. Share content that reflects your art’s style and subject matter and includes a link to your online shop or gallery.

Connect with local arts organizations, cultural groups, newspapers, and magazines interested in supporting emerging artists. These publications often report on unsigned bands and seek new artistic trends. Building relationships with editors and writers can lead to future features of your work.

3. Go to a Live Show

artists live show

Seeing artists live is often the most exciting way to discover their style. It’s a chance to see how the music sounds and how it feels to be there. It’s also a great opportunity to meet others who share your love of the artist and bond over the experience. While many shows can be exhausting, it’s important to remember that the show is all about the music and the people you’re there with.

If you’re planning to go to a concert, be sure to check ticket availability. Some popular concerts sell out quickly. Buy tickets early to avoid long lines. It’s also a good idea to bring water and snacks if the venue is crowded. Also, be sure to bring earplugs if you’re concerned about the volume of the music. Lastly, it’s a good idea to wear comfortable shoes. If you’re going to a large concert, it might be best to arrive early to avoid being stuck in the back row.

Another way to discover new artists is by attending fringe events. These events are usually unconventional and celebrate unique art. These events are usually smaller than mainstream concerts, and the performers have a more personal touch. You can even learn about these events by following artists on social media.

Attend concerts and visit galleries and art fairs to meet and buy from new artists. The Internet has made finding artists easier, complementing traditional methods. For artists, prioritize your fans at shows. While exploring new material is important, remember that fans come to hear their favorite songs. End the show with a strong number to leave the audience wanting more.

4. Check Out Their Website

artists websites

Besides your local galleries and art fairs, there are many other ways to discover new artists. The Internet plays a major role in the art world, and finding new talent is easier than ever. This includes online sales platforms, blogs, and social media networking sites. But it can also be difficult to know where to start. To find unique artwork for your living room or discover emerging talents early, stay proactive.

As an artist fan, stay updated by visiting their website. Find news, updates, and upcoming gigs, and sign up for their mailing list to receive special deals and offers on their artwork.

You can also get recommendations for new music by checking out music streaming services like Spotify Tidal, YouTube, Bandcamp, and Amazon Music Unlimited. Spotify’s “Daily Mix” playlist automatically curates music based on your listening habits. This is an excellent way to discover new music in your love genre. You can also access more nuanced suggestions by clicking on an artist’s profile and finding their related suggestions. YouTube has a similar feature called New to You, which works well with any playlist you create.

Online publications have dedicated music sections featuring articles and playlists across genres. They help you discover new music and explore different styles.

These playlists and articles often include links to artists’ websites, allowing you to listen to their music or purchase their work. They provide insights into their world and culture. For example, reading a post about a gallery show or visiting their Facebook page reveals their latest news. Attending a private view of their events provides further information about the artist.

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