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Facebook Changed Its Name To “Metaverse”

Facebook has been around for decades now. We all have grown up using this chaotic platform and associate great memories and friendships with it and, at the same time, many regretful ones too. Once Facebook, now Metaverse has been the only platform that we have criticized and at the same time enjoyed using because we are super addicted to it. It was created from the millennials by a millennial, but surprisingly boomers are the more active ones on this social media interface.

This is a follow-up post to our previous news regarding Facebook’s name change. We have brought you some in-depth information regarding the news.

Facebook recently announced that they are changing their name from “facebook” to “Metaverse.” The concept of “meta” is very advanced and likable; however, many have criticized this approach, and we don’t blame them. As much as we love the new idea, we at the same time think it is a bit unrealistic. However, if implemented and it gains success, it could turn the concept of social media into virtual reality.

After a whistleblower disclosed hundreds of internal papers, Facebook is changing its name as it switches its attention to the “Metaverse” and faces widespread criticism of the real-world problems caused by its numerous platforms.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday that the firm would change its name to Meta, thereby relegating the company’s eponymous service to a subsidiary, like Instagram and WhatsApp, rather than the overall brand.

In a press statement, the business is previously known as Facebook, also stated that it aims to begin trading under the ticker “MVRS” on December 1.

Other than this, the Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, also announced that he would be updating the facial recognition feature on Facebook. Wonder how? By completely deleting it. Facebook has already deleted over a billion individuals’ data which includes their facial recognition data, numbers, addresses, etc. And once again, the majority are happy about their data being deleted, and some are furious.

Facebook has been criticized a lot for security reasons. But now they are making up for it. Baby steps are being taken by Facebook, and it’s a slow process, but they will get there.

Jennifer Zilin
Jennifer Zilin
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