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How to Skip Ads on YouTube TV

YouTube TV has revolutionized how we consume television content, offering an extensive selection of channels and services. However, the one aspect that can disrupt our streaming pleasure is the omnipresent advertisement. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to effortlessly skip ads on YouTube TV, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience.

Skipping Ads on YouTube TV

Before we dive into the methods for a smoother, ad-free experience on YouTube TV, let’s get familiar with the types of ads you’ll encounter:

  1. In-Stream Ads: These are the most shared ads, appearing before, during, or after a video. Their length and content can vary.
  2. Bumper Ads: These are brief and non-skippable, usually lasting around six seconds. They aim to convey a concise message.
  3. Display Ads: Display ads take the form of banners or pop-ups on your screen, offering a different approach than video ads.

Now, let’s explore some user-friendly strategies to skip these ads effectively.

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The Easy Way: Fast Forward

If you’re wondering how to skip ads on YouTube TV using your TV remote, here’s the most straightforward method:

How to Fast Forward Through Ads:

  • When a commercial break appears, skip ahead and use the fast-forward button on your remote or device.
  • The time you can skip depends on the show or movie you’re watching. You may need to press the button several times to skip the ads altogether.
  • This method works best for recorded programs; live TV may feature unavoidable, unskippable ads.

A Sneaky Shortcut: Rewind and Play

Another nifty trick to avoid ads on YouTube TV is to make use of the rewind and play buttons:

How to Use the Rewind and Play Buttons:

  • When you encounter an ad during a show or movie, rewind a few seconds using the rewind button.
  • Once the ad has passed, press play to continue watching your show or movie from where you left off.

Enjoy YouTube TV Without Ads

If you’re wondering how you can enjoy YouTube entirely ad-free, here’s the most straightforward method:

The Ultimate Ad-Free Experience: YouTube Premium

how to skip ads on youtube tv

For those who want an entirely ad-free YouTube TV experience, subscribing to ‘YouTube Premium’ is the way to go. As a YouTube Premium member, you’ll savor ad-free viewing across all YouTube private videos within YouTube TV.

Moreover, a commercial-free subscription saves you time and elevates viewing pleasure by eliminating ad interruptions during your cherished shows and movies.

How to Sign Up for YouTube Premium:

  • To enroll in a commercial-free subscription on YouTube TV, log in to your account.
  • Click on your profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Select “Settings” and scroll down to the “Membership” section.
  • You can upgrade to the commercial-free plan for an additional monthly fee.

Remember that while both YouTube Premium and YouTube TV offer ad-free viewing, they are distinct subscription services with unique features tailored to different audiences.

Taking Control: Ad-Blocker Extensions

Ad-blocker extensions provide a robust solution for those who prefer a hands-on approach to their ad experience. These software programs can be installed on your browser or device to block ads from appearing on web pages and video content.

Ad-blocker extensions work by filtering out ad content before it can disrupt your viewing experience, ensuring a genuinely ad-free environment.

How to Install and Use Ad-Blocker Extensions:

  • First, install your chosen ad-blocker extension from your browser’s extension store. Popular options include “AdGuard Adblocker” and “uBlock Origin.”
  • Follow the installation instructions provided for your selected extension.
  • Once installed, the ad-blocker extension will automatically prevent ads from appearing on YouTube TV and other websites. Be aware that some ads occasionally slip through, as no method is foolproof.


In conclusion, there are several user-friendly ways to skip ads on YouTube TV, each with its advantages and potential drawbacks. Whether you opt for the fast forward and rewind buttons, subscribe to the commercial-free plan, or employ ad-blocker extensions, the goal remains: savor your favorite shows and movies without the annoyance of ads.

Ultimately, the choice of method boils down to personal preference. These options allow you to tailor your YouTube TV experience to suit your liking and relish uninterrupted entertainment. Embrace the future of ad-free viewing on YouTube TV, where your content takes center stage, undisturbed by commercial interruptions.

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