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How To Fix Screen Overlay Detected Popups on Screen?

What appears as but a harmless message on screen, “Screen Overlay Detected” popups can frustrate just about anyone. The moment you try to review an app’s permission or install a new application on your Android Smartphone, you see the annoying popup interrupt you. And that begs the question, how to fix screen overlay detected popup messages?

What is Screen Overlay Detected Popup?

Screen Overlay Detected is an Android error that has increasingly started haunting its users since Android 6.x Marshmallow. The popup usually appears with a link suggestion that guides you straight into settings to turn off the screen overlay. Though it is easier to fix, you may still want to know what’s causing it.

Screen overlay is a feature that allows a specific app to draw over other apps. If you’re wondering what that might be, then consider Facebook Messenger’s floating chat-heads. As soon as you receive a message, they appear on your screen regardless of what activity you were in the middle of.

This useful Android Overlay feature does have the potential to host malicious activity as well. Even though Facebook Messenger and such apps are Play Protect Verified, the Error is just a precautionary heads-up for privacy.

These popups prevent one application from making changes to the permissions of other applications. And that’s why you only get to see these popup error messages only when installing another app. Or, it may also appear when you are making changes to another application’s permissions.

How to Turn Off Screen Overlay on Android?

Fixing the screen overlay detected error is a fairly simple task. As easy as the Error itself guides you straight to settings where you can disable the draw over other apps problem. But if you were unfortunate enough to miss that message, you can still open app settings for Android and find a fix.

  • Open Android settings and select “Apps.
  • Search for the suspected app causing the screen overlay error and open its properties
  • Open “Advanced Option
  • Select “Special App Access
  • After clicking on “Display Over Other Apps,” you’ll see a list of apps causing the problem.
  • Select the app you suspected in Step 2, and disable its ability to display over other apps by unchecking the box next to it.
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