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Teach about tech: Could you help people to get more out of their computing devices?

We’re all exhausted right now, which makes sense given the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in. We’ve come out of a pandemic and straight into a recession, while wages continue to stagnate stubbornly over the last decade. In the US for example, productivity soared during the pandemic, but wages stayed the same. It’s little wonder we’re struggling.

Maybe a career change is the way to go, with more and more workers industry-hopping. Joining them could be the best decision you make. With the world becoming more technical, more and more employers are looking at ways to maximise their technological know-how. This could be where you enter the equation.

Put that technical knowledge to good use

Technology can seem like a minefield for those of us without the most technical of minds. We’ve probably all broken something without realising how, and that goes for even the most technical of us. Machines are our friends, but they can also be a pain in the neck.

You could be part of the solution to ensuring the transition to technology is less painful than it needs to be. Given the general trend of technological illiteracy amongst elderly people, you could even help the aged understand how to connect with their family remotely. Sometimes it’s much more than merely teaching about technology. You could bring families together!

Not only that, you could help a school leaver choose the right path for themselves in an increasingly uncertain world. Oftentimes, all that’s needed is a push in the right direction, or an initial grasp of the basics that can grow into something more tangible in the longer term.

The world needs teachers in all manner of areas, from teaching English as a second language, to teaching basic programming. Furthermore, simply through use of a live webcast platform, you can build a new career from the comfort of your own home.

Start small and grow gradually

Once you’ve set up an online teaching presence, focus on one specific area for which you would consider yourself an expert. Advertise yourself on social media and spread the word that you are available to teach on your area of expertise, whether that is blogging, social media, film, virtual reality, digital photography, using Google Analytics, or anything in between.

When you start your teaching journey, it’s unlikely things will be perfect immediately unless you have that prior experience. It takes time to know your students and their needs, and of course no two students will ever be the same. The process is about noticing what works and making use of that more often, as well as developing those aspects that perhaps don’t work so well.

Growth will take time, but never lose faith. If you have the expertise, then the confidence will come with time. Not to mention that the technology you use yourself will vindicate your knowledge – after all, a teacher of technology with bad tech probably wouldn’t be taken seriously.

Ultimately the great unknown is just another way to add a new string to your bow, and above all enhance your CV considerably. Give yourself the freedom to thrive and prosper once and for all.

Kamal Salar
Kamal Salar
Kamal is an SEO strategist with a keen interest in technology. He runs a tech firm that specializes in providing information regarding the latest tech news, of which he sees Social Media and SEO content to completion himself.
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