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Google Pixel Watch 3: A Buttonless Future with Gesture Control

The next generation of the Google Pixel Watch, rumored as the Google Pixel Watch 3, could revolutionize how we interact with smartwatches. A recent Google patent (via Wareable) reveals plans to replace traditional buttons with innovative gesture controls. In this article, we explore what we know about this exciting development.

Gesture Control Innovation

The patent, titled “Gesture recognition on watch bezel using strain gauges” introduces a groundbreaking concept for smartwatch operation. Instead of relying on physical buttons, users would control the watch through swipes, presses, and squeezes on the watch casing itself. The primary advantage of these controls is reducing the need to touch the screen, preventing interference with the display by fingers during navigation.

Image credit: USPTO

Benefits of Gesture Control

By eliminating external buttons, such as crowns and bezels, the Google Pixel Watch 3 aims to overcome various challenges. Traditional controls can complicate manufacturing, make waterproofing a watch more challenging, and affect the device’s aesthetics. The patent suggests that gesture-based controls offer a sleeker and more user-friendly alternative.

Inspired by Google’s Past

The concept of gesture control in the Google Pixel Watch 3 may remind some of older Google devices, such as the Pixel 4, which allowed users to activate Google Assistant by squeezing the phone’s sides. While this new patent presents a more intricate approach, the existence of a precedent makes the idea appear more plausible for the future of Google smartwatches.

Image credit: USPTO

Enhancing the Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch 2, while well-received, bears a strong resemblance to its predecessor, lacking significant external changes. Transitioning to a buttonless design centered around gesture controls could be a considerable upgrade. However, Google still needs to address other concerns, including offering multiple-size options and incorporating wireless charging.

The Future of Pixel Watches

While patents don’t guarantee the implementation of an idea, they often signal a company’s future direction. While it may be too late to incorporate this innovation into the anticipated Pixel Watch 3, slated for a fall 2024 release, future iterations could embrace this patent’s concept. If realized, this innovation could propel Google’s smartwatches to new heights in the smartwatch market.

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