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Bitdefender Free vs Avast Free: Which One to Choose?

An ideal Bitdefender Free vs. Avast Free comparison begins with Bitdefender Free vs Avast Freenline and offline security, a growing concern with ease of access to devices and the internet. You can see how the Global Revenues for the Security Software market peaked at $43.2 Billion in 2019.

And as much as we’d like to get the security support for free, that’s not how it works. At least in most cases!

You must be familiar with Avast Antivirus and Bitdefender Antivirus, even if you’re not tech-savvy. They’re the two most popular antivirus software on the market, and each has its features to boast.

That’s precisely why we’ve decided to compare Bitdefender Free vs Avast Free. We’ve set up a head-to-head comparison of the two software based on critic scores, user reviews, available features, and more. So, read through to the last point to find out who wins the race for the best free antivirus software!

Bitdefender Free vs Avast Free (Overview)

Avast and Bitdefender may not be the two most prominent names in the Antivirus industry, but they are the most popular choices. Since both software were initially available for free, the companies decided to keep the tradition going.

But offering free services isn’t a quid-pro-quo. The services and features of both the software vary highly. So, let’s get a quick overview of Avast vs Bitdefender free versions.

Avast Antivirus (Free)

bitdefender free vs avast free
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Avast antivirus has been well known for its versatile features since its early days. And it has kept the spirit alive by featuring various top-end services to users in the free version. However, they pull a fantastic act of advertising their premium services for the purchased antivirus version.

You can download the latest version of Avast Free Antivirus from their official website. Or, you can access any app directory and download a malware-free version. It’s a light software that offers attractive free services (more of which I’ve mentioned below) immediately upon installation.

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Bitdefender Antivirus (Free)

bitdefender free vs avast free
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The Bitdefender Antivirus software is more prevalent among techie crowds. Either the extremely fast processing or an attractive bang-for-the-buck subscription list attracts computer geeks. But does Bitdefender do well as a free data protection tool?

Bitdefender free features the basic virus definitions and malware search/quarantine/removal of suspicious data. You can download the installation file from the official website with ease. Like Avast, many app directories allow you to download an installation pack for the latest version.

Bitdefender Free vs Avast Free (Comparison)

Bitdefender and Avast are excellent at keeping your data safe, whether online or offline. But since our computer and cloud usage is expanding vigorously, we need an all-around protection pack. Something to keep every aspect of your data and identity safe and which is easy to use as well.

Now, based on the protection expectations from both the antivirus programs, let’s see how Bitdefender free stands against Avast free in a binary comparison for the best free antivirus podium!

1. Features: Avast Free Has More to Offer

You don’t typically think much about the features of an antivirus program, but it does make a significant difference. However, to explain this point, let’s first strike a Bitdefender vs Avast comparison.

Real-time threat detectionVirus ScanningMalware RemovalDetecting Phishing WebsitePreventing Fraud from Scam WebsitesReal-time threat detectionVirus ScanningMalware RemovalDetecting Phishing WebsitePreventing Fraud from Scam Websites

These are the essential features that both the antivirus software offers in the free versions of the apps. But to let you know where Avast takes the lead, here are the features that Avast offers on its free version that Bitdefender doesn’t:

  • Wifi Inspector: This lets you recognize an untrustworthy network to protect your information flowing through the wrong channels.
  • Password Manager: Keeps your passwords saved in a cyber vault. You can save/access the passwords without risking your browser to “remember” them.
  • Behavior Shield lets you track and record any suspicious app or browser activity.
  • Cyber Capture: Sends the recorded suspicious files for threat analysis and treatment, if possible.
  • Browser Cleanup: Lets your schedule removing fabricated temp files, cache, and cookies. Also, you can delete any broken, damaged, or malicious add-ons.
  • Intelligent Scan: Scheduler for regular scans based on computer usage and active hours.
  • Intelligent Antivirus: Lets you block spyware, phishing, malware, ransomware, and viruses.
  • Game Mode lets you close all background processes and activities to optimize resources for maximum performance.

You can now see what I meant by Avast having a vast library of features and resources earlier. While Bitdefender Free lets you satisfy the basic security needs, Avast offers you much more than that.

2. System Requirement and Impact: Both are Light and Efficient

How antivirus software impacts your system’s performance is a crucial aspect to look into. While we’re all interested in lighter programs, you won’t see much difference in the software’s performance here.

Virus definitions and malware crawl deep into your computer’s files and folders. Antivirus software has to skim through your computer’s entire directory to search for these sneaky attacks. This causes load on your computer’s hardware and impacts the performance.

Regarding the comparison, the two software stand toe-to-toe in impacting your computer’s performance. Both antivirus programs feature a dual scan mode.

A quick scan takes a few seconds to a few minutes to complete. And it barely impacts your system’s resources, depending on how much data there is to scan. But for a deeper search, a quick system search can take a few minutes to even a couple of hours to complete. And this is when you can expect your PC to take a little hit in performance.

Moreover, you can schedule the scanning time for your device based on your active hours so it doesn’t interrupt when you’re working. But since both software are efficiently and lightly designed, they don’t stand too far apart in loading your PC.

3. Protection: Avast Offers an Integrated Protection

It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the best protection is found in paid antivirus programs. But Bitdefender and Avast are fantastic at protecting your computer against common malware and viruses. They rely on extensive databases and have frequent updates to target all threats. So, you might want to keep the automatic updates box checked!

However, comparing antivirus programs based on their protection isn’t easy. Or, that’s to say it won’t make much of a difference to an untrained eye.

Mobile frauds and scams are the new viruses of the day. Find out how you can protect yourself from these scams and keep yourself protected at all times.

This is why I’ve fetched this test data from Av-test.org to put the argument into numeric, and that shall make it easy for you to understand. We can see from the institute’s data that both Bitdefender and Avast scored similarly. With both of them noting down 6/10 protection for Windows and 5.5/10 for Mac, there is hardly any difference between them.

But the easiest thing I could come up with to set the verdict for the protection offered is the ability of software to recover a malicious file. Based on that, Avast retakes the lead with its Cyber Capture feature.

Avast antivirus sends live reports of malicious or damaged files to its support center for analysis and treatment. This gives it a higher percentage of file recovery. On the other hand, Bitdefender doesn’t allow for such integrated functions on its accessible interface.

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4. User-Interface: Avast Makes Virus Scanning Easy and Smooth

bitdefender free vs avast free
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The user interface is usually an overlooked side of an antivirus. It is vital since you’ll want to run scans as quickly and smoothly as possible. Though Bitdefender and Avast have balanced each other out until now, Bitdefender takes the back seat in the interface.

Bitdefender somehow manages to make simple tasks more complicated. And I don’t mean in a negative by any means. The extra commands and controls it offers are a heaven for those who know what they’re up against. But a first-time user, newcomer, or one with limited knowledge of computers will find Avast to be more de-cluttered and friendly.

Avast antivirus makes scanning and removing malware programs a seamless process. Like its quick and straightforward installation, it streamlines the commands section to what you need on its main menu. You can perform Quick, Complete System and Custom scans with easy-to-choose options.

On the other hand, calibrating the settings for a virus scan on Bitdefender is not simple. Other than that, both apps offer similar customer care support through forums, 24/7 chat support, and Crash Report Troubleshooting.

5. Additional Tools: Avast Has Versatile Tool Resources

Though it’s common knowledge that free versions do not feature many additional tools, we can still see what each software offers right off the bat to its users.

Bitdefender does not include any additional tools as such. Its tools are built into its functionality and can be accessed via various subscription plans. Putting it in layman’s terms, Bitdefender boasts superior Anti-Phishing and Anti-Fraud support to its users.

But when you look at Avast, on the other hand, there are tons of extra tools and add-ons that you can use to improve your app experience. Some essential tools, such as Password Storage Vault and “Wifi and network protection” tools, are available for free users. However, you can also purchase additional tools as add-ons when upgrading to a paid version.

Now, sticking to the comparison of free versions, we can see Avast offers at least 8 additional tools over Bitdefender. On the contrary, Bitdefender lacks an Additional tools kit but makes up for it by offering many subscription plans. The tools are then added as built-in app features based on your purchase.

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Cutting it short, Avast still proves more versatile in its resources. And not to forget it makes getting and using these tools comparatively easy as well.

Bitdefender Free vs Avast Free – Which One is Best?

As you would’ve figured it out halfway, Avast wins the Avast vs Bitdefender comparison with flying colors. It has dominating features, a user-friendly interface, offers effortless protection, and allows many tools for its free version.

However, we must not ignore that this comparison is solely for the Free versions of the antivirus software. Bitdefender is a powerful, robust, and techie-favorite antivirus with many advantages over Avast in certain aspects.

But since our stand-off here is based on the general audience’s reviews, ratings, and experiences, I’ve listed the points that are more relevant to the everyday user. And according to that, Avast stands to be the best free antivirus. Still, if you feel I’ve missed out on an important point that belongs above in the article, feel free to highlight it in the comments below!

The Final Verdict

When discussing antivirus software, you expect it to rid your PC of malware and viruses. And that’s why both of the above antivirus software do best! But since we expect a winner for the best free antivirus software, Avast will take the trophy.

The few additional features it offers over Bitdefender on its free version are hard to overlook. While Bitdefender is faster, lighter, and more accurate, Avast is user-friendly, simplistic, and effective at recovering files.

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