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Top 8 Real Estate Apps For House Hunting In 2022

What property to buy is a million-dollar question! It is very likely to be the most expensive purchase you make. And for that, you need to step-up your real estate game and get in the market to really see things through. The best real estate apps today make this process much easier.

Our List Of The Best House Hunting Apps

Online directories for real estate were a major breakthrough in connecting buyers and sellers for a property. But quite short-lived as we now have specialized apps to make things even easier.

Research shows that over 80% of millennials rely on mobile devices to search for homes and property. And that’s a lot!

Property listing on these house finder apps is categorized by geographical location, property value, total area, etc., making it easy to navigate for renters, buyers, and even investors. Having access to such a large database takes out most of the trouble that came with hiring brokers.

However, selecting the right app is crucial when it comes to the best app for real estate. Some excel in providing commercial property listing, some in residential, and others being a moderate mix of both. And that’s why we’ve reviewed the best house hunting apps to make your decision easier!

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1. Zillow

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Zillow is the best real estate app you can find on Android’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Boasting over 110 Million app downloads, the app isthe most frequently used and best-recommended for selling, buying, and renting property.

Zillow gained even more popularity during the pandemic by allowing virtual tours of homes. It gives you a tour via either panoramic images or a 360°-degree capture of the property.

You are also allowed to make a personalized profile to connect to buyers or agents over the platform. Moreover, you can update your house’s specifics and have the estimated value of your house updated with market changes.

It covers up for the minor bugs by providing a huge directory of houses. And a lot of the houses across the U.S are bought by Zillow as well. This makes the estimates, taxes, and process-fee-calculation a much simpler task to do.

Zillow has an independent directory for properties and does not rely on public listings to provide users with content.

2. Realtor.com

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Realtor.com is another popular house hunting website that now has an app. Its official partnership with the National Association of Realtors makes it one of the most trustworthy and accurate real estate apps on the market.

The app draws its distinction from competitors by providing very minute details about the property. It tells you about the neighborhood crime rates, schools, and hospitals nearby, and even noise levels. Now, aren’t these the things a renter is most keen about?

Another reason why it is the top choice for renters is that it has frequently updated lists. It connects you to the most suitable realtor around you from a regularly updated list. And like any other top real estate app, it features images and even videos to give you a virtual tour of the house.

However, the main highlight is the Sign Snap feature. If you see a “Sale” or “Rent” sign in your neighborhood, take a snap, and you’ll see all the details of the property right away!

3. Trulia

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Trulia is a very resourceful real estate app for buyers with very specific demands and the best app for agents. It provides the best and most accurate home estimates that rarely fall out of 20% of the predicted price. It has pre-qualified calculators that consider the state, city, county, and even the neighborhood in consideration.

Trulia was an independent app bought by Zillow in 2015. And it has changed quite a few features with Zillow, and vice versa, since the merging.

It not only has a huge listing directory but also lets you view a property from multiple aspects. You can view the local crime rates, nearby shopping centers, eating amenities, commute traffic, schools, etc.

Trulia frequently urges its online users for polls regarding their neighborhood. And that’s how you get a specific percentage about whether or not you can walk alone in a neighborhood at night, etc.

So, if you have specific instructions for your house, like hardwood floors or a 3-car garage, Trulia is where you should place your bets!

4. Redfin

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Redfin is an app that is particularly good for purchasing a property and is among the best real estate apps for home buying. It was basically a brokerage firm that revolutionized the online real estate directories. It has it all, from allowing you to conduct customized searches on maps to estimate properties from various listings.

The app allows you to search for nearby houses for sale and pre-book an appointment. Also, it gives the buyers a $1500 cashback on purchasing a property, which is a pretty decent incentive. On the contrary, it also offers a whooping low brokerage fee of 1%-1.5%, which is much lower than when you hire a broker.

The unique feature of Redfin is how you can save a certain property on your radar to view later. Similarly, you can also nix a property to stop seeing it pop up in various search results.

5. Xome Auctions

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Xome is another application with a very comprehensive list of local houses on sale or rent. However, it is the best platform for buying homes through auctions and is a feature unique to Xome alone. Another feature that gives it the highlight is the Xome Zoom feature. When you point your phone camera to a house, all the related information appears on your screen.

Xome has one of the largest databases for property auctions and also pre-auctions. This makes it an ideal choice for investors and buyers looking to get their hands on a sweet deal. You can filter your searches by:

  • Location
  • Bank-owned
  • Short sale
  • Newly foreclosed
  • Status

Xome gets its listings from MLS, other listing services, and Xome’s exclusive lists. This gives you a market pool to survey and potentially buy a property at a fairly low rate.

6. BiggerPockets

Unlike the other house hunting apps on this list, BiggerPockets does not directly connect a buyer and seller. It is more of an advisory app that you can learn handy tips and tricks from.

The includes a plethora of eBooks and blogs educating you about various real estate red flags. And since the app is completely free, it makes it one of the property educating app out on the market today.

From learning to deduce the price of a property to knowing the routine upkeep of a house for high value, BiggerPockets is the ultimate library for those interested in real estate.

Besides being a handy resource through an app, you can also access the BiggerPockets directory directly from the web. It’s not your typical idea of a real estate app but it proves to be worth all the time and money spent.

7. LoopNet

LoopNet is an app similar to the one sitting at the top of the list, Zillow. It is an extremely user-friendly app with an ever evolving directory. But as Zillow covers the entirety of real estate under one umbrella, LoopNet proves to be quite dominant for commercial property buy and sell.

Multi-unit residential and commercial properties are always the hot topic among realtors. But if it really is commercial property that you’re interested in, you won’t find a much dedicated and thorough directory than LoopNet on this list.

LoopNet also opens doors to investing in a place other than you live in, making it one of the best real estate apps today. You can trust the gallery provided on the app for property and put your money in places that you’re most likely to profit from.

8. Homesnap

Homesnap is the go-to app for most realtors in US. And such trust and loyalty stems from the seamless interface the app uses and how frequently it integrates with MLS. It makes connecting to a real estate agent easier than ever, whether you’re buying a property or selling one.

Homesnap’s directly is continuously updated with high definition photos, videos, stats, and virtual tours of house. Moreover, you get to run a recce of the place through you mobile. Whether you want to know how far the nearest school is from a property or want to know property history, it’s all available under the Homesnap roof.

Also, the app duly notifies you as soon as an entry is made to its directory that matches your preferences. So, no more missing out on attractive real estate oppurtunities.

How Our Ranking Works

We reviewed over 20 best real estate apps to choose the top eight here on our list. For accuracy and application, we gave due regard to the customer feedback, features, and filters offered by multiple platforms.

However, the ranking is in no specific order. Some apps excel at fetching buying/selling databases, others at renting, while some at auctions.

All in all, the apps mentioned above are the absolute best real estate apps that you need. They’re backed by commendable customer reviews, ease of use, and user experience!

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