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The Best iCloud Bypass Tools for iPhone Activation lock Removal

The undoubted lead an iPhone has is in its security. Perhaps, that’s why iCloud removal is such a back-breaking task. Even when you mean no harm out of it. But that doesn’t mean iPhone activation lock removal is impossible either. With a user-friendly iCloud Bypass Tool, you can reignite the hopes of using your iPhone again.

What Does iCloud Activation Lock Mean?

Not necessarily important, but it is helpful to know why an activation lock is there in the first place before trying to bypass it. It will clear some of your doubts about why Apple had to make it such a puzzling process.

The iCloud Activation Lock and Find My iPhone are the twin security features that save your data from falling into the wrong hands. These are the security features everyone wishes they had when they have their mobile stolen. You can use the iCloud Activation Lock to remotely delete your data, sound an alarm, or lock your iPhone. Moreover, the “Find My iPhone” feature helps you find an accurate location of where your iPhone might be right now.

But like most good services, these security features are only worth good if you haven’t forgotten your iCloud log-in details. In which case, you’re no different from a person unlocking a stolen iPhone in Apple’s eyes. But if you don’t know how to remove iCloud Activation Lock and have forgotten your log-in specifics, it’s not the end of the world for you. Try your luck out with one of the iCloud remover Tools listed below and unlock iCloud Activation for free.

The 9 Best iCloud Bypass Activation Tools

iPhone Activation lock Removal

Buying a used iPhone with the previous owner’s Apple ID still signed in looks like a dead end. And so does a locked iPhone screen after too many aggressive attempts to unlock it. But you can get a new life for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod by using one of the following iCloud bypass tools.

1. iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4

iCloud Activation Bypass Tool is one of the best tools for removing the Apple ID lock from your iPhone. And so it tops our list today as it is the only complete iCloud bypass tool that offers services for free. The software claims to remove iCloud lock while preserving your data and files.

Despite being a reliable and effective activation lock removal tool, it doesn’t have an official website. You can download the tool from a reputable website to avoid scams and malware. But once downloaded, you’ll be guided through easy steps on screen to bypass the activation lock swiftly.

Supported Devices: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6/6s/6Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone X, iPad, and iPod Touch.


  • Completely free of cost, unlike the many others on the list.
  • Light software, easy to install, and download the right version.
  • Helpful guides are available online to get you through the Device Firmware Update.
  • A user-friendly interface with all the options arranged on the home screen.


  • Not very effective to remove a screen lock on iOS devices, originally made for iCloud Activation bypassing.
  • It may not work for some devices, especially the latest iOS devices.

2. Tenorshare 4Mekey-Best-iCloud Unlocking Tool

Tenorshare 4Mekey is another hot-favorite iCloud bypass tool. Suppose you’ve forgotten your password or got yourself a good deal at an auction. In that case, you can remove the Apple ID lock easily using this software and get back to using your iPhone as a brand new device.

Before you begin bypassing the activation lock on your iPhone, you’ll need to Jailbreak it. Fortunately, the software allows you to Jailbreak your iPhone from the same menu. Even without knowing the previous log-in details, you can use all features of your iPhone after bypassing the lock with this tool.

Supported Devices: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6/ 6S/ 6S Plus, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone X, iPad, iPod Touch.


  • Supports all iOS versions up to iOS 14.
  • Allows for an iCloud bypass or to remove Activation Lock without needing an Apple ID or Password.
  • Features a free trial period to make sure if your device is supported by the bypass tool.
  • Works on all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


  • Removing iCloud Activation lock using Tenorshare requires you to JailBreak the iPhone, which is a risky maneuver.
  • It doesn’t allow to sign into iPhone using a new Apple ID after bypassing the lock.
  • Cellular data and Wi-fi may still not be available after bypassing the lock.
  • It isn’t a permanent solution. The iPhone will lock itself again after a factory reset or a firmware update.

3. iCloud Assistant Pro

iCloud Assistant Pro is an all-rounder iPhone support app to have. You’ll find much use for it even when you don’t have to bypass your iPhone security lock. Features like extracting data, device config, and cloning devices add utility to this tool.

However, iCloud Assistant Pro saves itself a spot on this list for iCloud activation lock bypassing. You can remove the passcode and iCloud lock both with this tool. Though you may want to check your device’s compatibility as it does not support some devices and iOS versions.

Supported Devices: iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6/6s/6Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone X, iPad, and iPod Touch.


  • A light and fast software that bypasses the lock within minutes.
  • Easy-to-follow steps guide the iCloud activation lock bypass process on the screen.
  • It does not require the previous log-in details to start or complete the activation bypass process.
  • Lets you extract data, wipe device, backup and restore, and remove the passcode, among other features.
  • Allows you to run multiple processes at the same time.


  • Does not support devices with a newer version than iOS 11.
  • It has a high subscription price for bypassing iCloud.
  • May lag or slow down when running multiple processes together.

4. iRemove Software

iRemove Software gives you multiple, quick, and easy solutions to bypass your iCloud lock. It features a one-click bypassing process that instantly removes any activation lock on your iPhone. Also, it supports various other iOS devices like iPad Pro and iPod Touch.

The interface is user-friendly and easy to use if you’re not tech-savvy. But despite the glittery reviews and features, it ranks low due to technical errors. And at times, the old iCloud accounts may reappear. But after repeating the bypass process, you can get rid of it easily.

Supported Devices: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6/6s/6Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone X, iPad (2013-2018), and iPod Touch.


  • Supports iOS versions 12 and up.
  • It has a user-friendly interface to let your bypass the activation lock easily.
  • Has an official website that can be contacted for support if you run into problems during the process.
  • Activates all iPhone functions, including making calls, using Wi-fi, signing into Apple and iTunes.
  • It lets you download apps and software and has favoring feedback from users.


  • The iCloud bypass tool may malfunction at times and bring the old iCloud accounts back.
  • Has problems unlocking older GSM devices.
  • The price is comparatively higher and may only accept bitcoin payment in some regions.

5. Open My iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool

Open My iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool uses the IMEI of your iPhone to unlock the screen. If you don’t mind waiting up a few days to get a hold of your old iPhone back, this might be the most effective solution to your problem.

Though the software advertises to unlock your iPhone in under 10 minutes. It may take a little longer depending on the iPhone version and the carrier you bought it from. But the tool is accompanied by a detailed guide that makes the bypassing process even easier.

Supported Devices: iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5 C/5 S, iPhone 6/6s/6Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4/3, and iPad 2.


  • Let’s you unlock your iPhone in 10 minutes or less in most cases.
  • It works with all iOS devices with an iOS version between iOS 7.0.5 and iOS 9.0.
  • It uses a method of unlocking your iPhone using IMEI, which is different from other iCloud bypass tools.
  • Includes a tutorial to ease the process of bypass the iCloud activation lock.


  • It only supports a Windows version, cannot be downloaded or used using a macOS or another operating system.
  • It does not support iPhone 7 or newer models for iCloud bypassing.
  • Doesn’t allow to backup, restore, or wipe your data. (Additional features)

6. iPhone IMEI

iPhone IMEI is the only tool that uses an AppleCare verified way of bypassing your iPhone. You’ll need to put in the exact specifics of your device and send it across to Apple’s servers. Once you’ve sent the across via the software, it deletes all iCloud accounts previously registered for the iPhone.

It gives you a nearly-new iPhone to log in to use your existing Apple ID or create a new one. You’ll also be allowed to access all features. Moreover, you can factory reset the iPhone and still have it unlocked, unlike other tools where you need to redo the process all over again.

Supported Devices: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6/6s/6Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone X, iPad, and iPod Touch.


  • It covers devices up to iOS 13, which covers most iPhones, iPads, and iPods, leaving only the latest ones out.
  • Offers a permanent removal of Apple ID from your device. Allows you to set up the device as a brand new one and doesn’t get the old iCloud account back even after a Factory Reset.


  • Payment may not always be refunded if the software doesn’t work. Even after being eligible for the refund after 30 days, you may still face complications.
  • It is not an instant fix for iCloud bypass, it takes longer than other iCloud bypass tools to remove the activation lock.
  • Does not have active live support to contact when you run into a problem.

7. iMyFone iBypasser

The iMyFone iBypasser tool is a lesser thorough software that allows you to access a few basic features. This tool will unlock your iPhone, but you won’t be able to use cellular networks, Wi-fi, or log in to the Apple store using your ID.

So, if you’re expecting more from your iCloud bypass, you can use better software. But if you have another smartphone and only need your locked iPhone as an iPod, this may be the best tool you can use to revive your device surely.

Supported Devices: iPhone 6/6s/6Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone X, iPad, and iPod Touch.


  • Allows you to access all features and functions of the device after successfully bypassing the iCloud Activation Lock.
  • Features a free trial version to make sure if your device is supported by the software or not.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that lets you bypass the lock in quick and easy steps.
  • It does not support iOS versions older than iOS 12.3.


  • Requires you to JailBreak the iPhone before bypassing the security lock, which will void the warranty.
  • The process of Jail Breaking is risky and can brick your iPhone. It may run into a hardware issue, and you won’t be able to turn on the device without addressing the hardware first.

8. Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone is available across Windows and Max compatible devices. And it is one of the quickest iCloud bypass tools to date. It can bypass the activation lock on your iPhone in a matter of seconds and have it ready to go.

You can use Dr. Fone to unlock iPhone, iPad, and iPod, as long as they run iOS 11.4 or earlier versions. The bypass process is made simple through easy guided steps on the screen. But most of all, Dr. Fone has many articles and online guides that you can gather support from.

Supported Devices: iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5 C/5 S, iPhone 6/6 S/6Plus/6 S Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone X, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4/3, and iPad 2.


  • It has different versions available for Android, Mac, and Windows.
  • It has many functions and features that let you do much more with your iPhone than just bypass iCloud ID.
  • The user-friendly interface is self-explanatory. You can use the software with the least bit of technical know-how.


  • It does not completely bypass the iCloud ID, it only lets you remove the Activation Lock.
  • Can be very expensive if you’re unable to bypass iCloud ID for any reason.
  • You cannot use the software/app without entering the developer mode for Android devices.
  • Work best with iOS devices may not be as good on Windows or Android platforms.

9. iCloud Activation Bypass Tool: Doulci iCloud

Doulci iCloud is a quick and efficient iCloud bypass tool that unlocks all the features of your iPhone. From using cellular data to Wi-fi and logging in to the Apple Store using a new ID, you can access all the phone functions.

This tool too uses IMEI clearance to unlock your iPhone, and so it may take a few days to complete the process. However, it covers even the latest releases of iPhone, iPad, and iPod. So, device compatibility is not necessarily an issue for this one. s

Supported Devices: iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5 C/5 S, iPhone 6/6 S/6Plus/6 S Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone X, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4/3, and iPad 2.


  • It permanently removes your iPhone from the previous owner’s Apple ID.
  • Lets you access all the functions of your iPhone, including cellular network, Wi-fi, downloading apps, and logging in using a new Apple ID.
  • It is an official unlocking software and gives you’re a lifetime guarantee for unlocking your iPhone.
  • Has a user-friendly interface that lets you quickly toggle between screens and unlock your iPhone.


  • It is expensive when compared to other iCloud bypass tools on the market.
  • Can take a few days to completely unlock your iPhone as it does so by clearing IMEI of your iPhone from the previous iCloud ID.

iCloud Bypass Tools: Final Takeaways

Buying a locked iPhone is no less than a gamble. If you’re able to bypass the Apple ID, you’ve got yourself a favorable deal. But if you can’t, you’ve practically laid waste to the little money you spent as the device is completely useless.

However, using one of the iCloud bypass tools listed above, you can get yourself a good shot at reviving an old iPhone that you bought at an auction or one that you forgot the log-in details for. So, let us know if the above information has been helpful by leaving us a comment below!

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