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The Wait Continues: New iMac Models Delayed Until 2024, with a Surprise for 2025

The long-awaited M3 iMac for a 2023 release had generated anticipation in the air, only to receive unexpected news. Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple hardware leaker, revealed on X (formerly Twitter) that Apple has pushed back its plans for an M3 refresh of the beloved 24-inch iMac to 2024. This revelation contradicts earlier leaks by Kuo, who accurately predicted the release of new Mac Pro and Mac mini models this year but seemed to miss the mark on Apple’s iMac plans for 2023.

It’s a peculiar twist of fate, leaving us to ponder whether Kuo’s original predictions were on point and Apple opted for a different timeline for the M3 iMac models. Recent reports hint at a possible M2 iMac refresh in the current year, partially corroborating this theory.

Adding weight to Kuo’s revised forecast is the revelation of a delay in releasing the M3 MacBook Air. Apple has reportedly encountered challenges with chip manufacturer TSMC concerning the production timeframe for the new M3 chips. M3-powered products have rescheduled for 2023, favoring the A17 chip featured in the iPhone 15 Pro.

A Ray of Hope: A Larger iMac on the Horizon

However, amidst the disappointment of delayed upgrades, there’s a glimmer of excitement. Kuo’s latest leak brings news of an upcoming iMac boasting a 32-inch mini-LED display. This development aligns with speculation by Apple insider Mark Gurman, who hinted at the possibility of a larger iMac with a display size exceeding 30 inches. But here’s the catch: this larger iMac isn’t expected until 2025.

The reasons behind this delay could vary, potentially attributed to chip supply issues or challenges associated with manufacturing the new mini-LED display. Notably, there’s no mention of a possible M3 iMac Pro, but Kuo has referred to the 32-inch iMac as a ‘higher-end’ model, hinting at the possibility of it featuring an M3 Pro or M3 Max chip.

Nevertheless, even a standard 24-inch iMac equipped with the M3 chip holds promise as one of the most impressive Macs to date. Apple projects that the forthcoming M3 processor will deliver a substantial performance leap compared to the M2. Despite the disappointment of delayed releases, we can look forward to what Apple has in store, keeping our fingers crossed for innovations that meet, if not exceed, our high expectations. Patience may be a virtue in this ever-evolving tech landscape, but the promise of these future iMac models ensures an exciting journey for Apple enthusiasts.

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