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iPhone 13, iWatch 7, and Other Products to Unveil at Apple’s September 14 Event

It’s September and the time for another Apple product launch. After a long year of waiting, the iPhone 13 and the iWatch 7 are finally going to be launched next week on September 14,10 AM PDT. It will be a virtual event with the tagline “California Streaming”. So, if you are a true Apple fan, set up an alarm and witness the unveiling live as it happens. 

Apple has become more of a name that continues to surprise us with its new products year after year. So, let’s see what Apple has in store for us after the amazing iPhone 12. The iPhone 13 will also be a successor to iPhone 12’s 6-inch display. 

However, it will have a high refresh rate for the screen to catch up on Android. It’s high time the Android users stop comparing Android phones and iPhones (especially after the frequent blasting of the Samsung Galaxy A21). Because now iPhones finally have it all. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the iPhone 13 is also expected to have smaller display notches and better cameras than the iPhone 12. Besides all the other fantastic additions, the new iPhone is also expected to have satellite connectivity

It’s hard to guess, but what we can draw from the invite of “California Streaming” is that the new release will have an improved night mode camera. If you love photography, then there’s more of a reason for you to be happier as compared to the other Apple users. Imagine capturing the true essence of the moon and stars! 

For those of you who have eagerly been waiting to upgrade their iPhones and Apple watches, your wait is finally over. Take out those big bucks and rush to your nearest apple store to get your hands on the latest iPhone 13.

Mohammad Ibrahim
Mohammad Ibrahim
Ibrahim is a passionate writer and tech-savvy. His craving for the latest tech releases and news, combined with a charm to put sentences together, strives for more than just viewer engagement.

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