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Revitalized AMD RX 580: 16GB VRAM Beats Nvidia RTX 4070

With a startling boost, AMD RX 580 graphics card has reemerged in China with 16GB of VRAM, outpacing Nvidia’s RTX 4070 in memory capacity. Tom’s Hardware uncovered an interesting twist: the five-year-old Radeon RX 580 2048SP, available only in China but accessible in the US through imports, just received a significant RAM upgrade. This improvement is noteworthy compared to the previous 8GB (or 4GB in some variants) setup.

The minimal VRAM in some of the most recent Lovelace graphics cards has alarmed Nvidia devotees, who may take offense to this news. The action asks why an RX 580 would need such a significant VRAM boost.

Analyzing the New Radeon Update

Despite losing momentum on the best-selling GPU charts in the US, the RX 580 is still an affordable option for individuals with limited funds and has a sizable market share in China. This demand most likely served as the driving force for Kinology’s updated model.

Kinology, a regional Chinese business, focuses on rebranding and reselling OEM graphics cards within the Chinese market. Despite employing slower 6Gbps modules than the 7Gbps VRAM in the original RX 580 2048SP, the RX 580’s 16GB of VRAM might be advantageous in some situations.

Ultimately, this innovation is more of a novelty than a paradigm shift. Although Kinology’s RX 580 2048SP is unlikely to compete with top-tier graphics cards, it does demonstrate the possibility of updating outdated GPUs. The Kinology RX 580 2048SP costs only $83 on JD.com. You can find the imported Maxsun Radeon RX 580 2048SP with the original 8GB VRAM at a price of $117 on websites like Newegg.

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