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YouTube Music for Wear OS App Is Finally Out But With Some Caveats

Great news for the music club as Google finally releases an app for YouTube Music after a long wait. Nearly one year has passed since Google decided to launch YouTube Music to replace Play music. That leaves Wear OS without an official way to connect to Google’s music streaming service. Thanks to this exciting release, YouTube Music on Wear OS is now available for download!

Nevertheless, the most important function of this app is offline music storage. And this allows you to keep your smartphone at home and use your wristwatch to listen to music on Bluetooth headphones.

The good news, however, never comes free of a dark cloud overhead. As per reports, the major constraint is that this software will only operate with two new Samsung watches. Namely, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic or Galaxy Watch 4. These watches still have a couple of months left for release in the fall later this year.

Since it’s not possible to use this app on any other Smartwatches, it doesn’t exactly serve many purposes yet. If you get one of these watches, you can download YouTube Music Wear OS on your watch. And then listen to the songs even without internet connectivity if you have a set of Bluetooth headphones.

Based on the app’s characteristics, it seems like the Wear OS YouTube Music app has a few exasperating quirks that you have to be aware of while using this app. For now, the method for streaming music is unclear, which only leaves us with downloading the music directly. Similarly, it’s also frustrating that you can only download tracks while the watch is plugged in. There is no other way to download music from the Wear OS YouTube Music app except when the watch is on charging.

Mohammad Ibrahim
Mohammad Ibrahim
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