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Xbox One X: Xbox X series Restock

The word has it, Xbox restocks are being planned, and the first one on the list to do so is our favorite Walmart. Just like we said yesterday regarding PS5 restocks, same again through ad scans, we now know that Walmart is planning on holding an Xbox x series restock on Black Friday, Nov 26. You can get a headstart of 4 hours over all the other customers waiting in the line to get their hands on an Xbox if you have Walmart Plus subscription service.

It’s only for $13 a month, but if you don’t feel like paying that amount every month, you can avail of the 15-day free trial and get ahead of everyone else in the line by 4 hours. You can cancel after the event, get your console, and you won’t have to pay the $13 membership fee. Unless, of course, you decide paying for the subscription is worth it..not only does this subscription help you on black Fridays, but it also gives you early access to discounts on every event. 

Others on the market have not revealed their black Friday Xbox x series restock plans, but we sure hope they do soon. Also, we don’t believe that Walmart is going to be the only retailer offering discounts during black Friday. Others for sure will follow if they aren’t planning on it already. Best Buy and Amazon, both these retailers, have yet to completely announce their deals and discount offers. But then Best Buy is the most likely of the two to have amazing deals. Sadly, for the time being, Best Buy is likely to keep its consoles hidden behind its $200-per-year membership program. But we will have more to say about this as it progresses.

Why are the Xbox Series consoles so tough to find?

Xbox consoles are hard to find because Microsoft hasn’t been able to arrange the materials needed to make enough consoles to satisfy the demand in the market. Sony also suffers from a similar problem, but there the actual problem is that they have a chip shortage as of now for their PS5 and most PC video cards. The COVID-19 has slowed down the manufacturing of many things, including these chips. The issue probably won’t be resolved any time soon, at least not till the end of this year.

As a result of this problem, Microsoft makes as many consoles as it possibly can and distributes them through its retail partners. Each retail partner is free to release its available consoles in whichever manner it deems fit. Most of the time, this entails declaring when the console will be available for purchase online ahead of time and then making it available to everyone.

That was all that needed to be regarding the Xbox X series restock; in the meanwhile, keep an eye out for video game deals too. Walmart and other retail stores usually release a pretty neat Xbox video games bundle where there is a chance for you to score a free game or two. 

We will keep you updated regarding great Black Friday deals and restocks. Stay tuned!

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Mohammad Ibrahim
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