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Fury Sparks As Microsoft Turns Off Comments on Windows 11 Q&A Video

We saw a heavy backlash of customers on the exclusion of computers running older hardware across social media as Microsoft announced the requirements for Windows 11. So it was natural to expect consolidation to come soon after, and it did! The Microsoft Tech Community held a live questions and answers session on YouTube last week. Well, it didn’t go as a displeased customer would expect it to.

Aria Carley, a senior program manager at Microsoft emboldened the company’s representation by coming live. But did she have the answers to the viewers’ exasperated questions? Not quite!

When asked about the compatibility of Windows 11 on older systems, the representative snubbed her response as, “It Sucks!” Not what you expect from a service provider you’ve learned to trust your whole life. But the worse part comes later as the uploader deleted the infuriating comments before blocking them off completely. Which is kind of weird since it was a questions and answers session intended for the viewers. However, the uploader further responded by unlisting the video completely.

On the contrary, Carley explained how it would improve security for higher-end organizations, which sparks another debate. Is Microsoft forcing people to buy newer computers? Since they’ll benefit from selling an installed licensed version of Windows 11, it seems to be the case.

What’s New to Windows 11?

In visuals, Windows 11 seems to be no more than a glorified theme update for Windows 10. But to improve the User Experience, there are bug fixes and theme additions to the new interface. However, the updates are not nearly enough to announce a bang of a release. Most of the new features and bug fixes could’ve come as a part of a regular update.

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But for what counts, Windows 11 is expected to have amped-up security. Windows 11 requires hardware security components to defend against hacking attacks. And that should be counted in favor of the Redmond-based tech giant. Moreover, the Start Menu and Task Bar icons now include a new font and rounded icon edges. Though the settings feature saw a complete makeover, we still see glimpses of stoneage-tech-features with the Control Panel still present.

The most significant update is external and large screens management. It is now much easier to customize the layout for large screens. And some of the Explorer.exe bugs are eliminated. But what will become of this much controversial Windows update? Is it a remake of the Windows 8 disappointment? Will the hackers find new ways to bypass the hardware requirements? Or, will we see Microsoft surrendering to its public and including older devices like Windows 10? To find the answer to these questions and stay updated on the newer developments, be sure to return as we’ll religiously be covering this topic!

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Mohammad Ibrahim
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