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The Upcoming Windows 11 Update Before Windows 12: A Sneak Peek

In recent days, tech experts who pay close attention have found some interesting changes on Microsoft’s servers. The Windows 11 23H2 update’s ISO files have appeared, indicating that a public release will soon happen.

To put it simply, ISO files are just digital copies of disks—like CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays—consolidated into a single, conveniently sized file. ISO files for Windows 11 23H2 have secretly appeared on Microsoft’s servers.

What is the anticipated upgrade that users can anticipate? With many interesting new features, it’s ready to expand on the base created by the previous “Moment 4” upgrade for Windows 11 22H2. A few highlights are:

  • A Refreshed System Components Page.
  • A Better Notification Center.
  • Introducing Microsoft’s cutting-edge AI assistant, Copilot.

Even if the Windows 11 23H2 upgrade isn’t a major redesign, customers should still consider it because it has many appealing features and Microsoft’s assurance of ongoing support.

Upgrading to Windows 11 23H2: How to Get the Latest Update

The Windows 11 23H2 upgrade may represent the final significant update for the current edition of Windows 11, as rumors about Windows 12 are circulating. Windows 11 22H2, the most current major version, has received regular updates since its release in September 2022. By the company’s lifecycle policy, Microsoft has promised to support Windows 11 22H2 Home, Pro, Pro Education, and Pro for Workstation editions through October 8, 2024. With support available until October 14, 2025, the Windows 11 Enterprise and Education editions will have a longer support period.

The most important question is getting this highly anticipated Windows 11 upgrade. Until the specified dates, Microsoft plans to provide security updates, bug fixes, and technical support for particular versions of Windows 11 22H2. Consequently, upgrading to Windows 11 23H2 doesn’t require waiting around because it guarantees access to the newest features and bug fixes. There’s hope that the upgrade will soon be available as an optional Windows upgrade download for individuals who want to move as soon as possible. You can be sure we’ll let you know as soon as this update is ready for download.

Windows Latest, the publication that initially broke the story about the ISOs, predicts that update 23H2 might be the final substantial update for Windows 11. Remarkably, Microsoft has not disclosed any information regarding a potential Windows 11 replacement, even though many have unofficially dubbed it “Windows 12.” Additionally, Windows Latest hinted that Microsoft would soon release Windows 11 23H2—possibly in October or November. This forecast is further supported by the discovery of ISO files on Microsoft’s servers over the weekend.

Notably, the update’s ISOs are currently available in two versions: English (United States) and China. This implies that the update is nearing a commercial release and is likely nearing the end of its preparation, at least for these language variants. Microsoft needs to announce the release of the update formally.

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