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What is the Difference Between Windows 10 Home vs Pro?

Microsoft has raised the stakes even higher with their new Windows 10 release. It offers more security, productivity and is much user-friendlier than the previous versions we’ve known. Although Microsoft introduced a “Pro” version for windows during the XP era, it is still hard to choose the right version for yourself when it comes to Windows 10 Home Vs Pro.

To a typical user who doesn’t have much use for features like “Group Policy Management” and “Domain Binding,” the version of Windows 10 barely makes a difference. On the contrary, Windows 10 Pro is a valuable asset for many small-medium-sized business owners.

How Many Windows 10 Versions are There, and Which Edition is the Best?

Microsoft emphasizes user-experience with their Windows 10 release. And that can be seen by how they launched 12 Windows 10 versions that cater to different features, usability, and device compatibility. However, it commonly comes down to 2 out of the 3 baseline Windows 10 editions when choosing the right one for yourself, Win 10 Home vs Pro.

Seemingly, Windows 10 Home suits the average user whose user revolves around the internet and some basic functions. And Windows 10 Pro fits in the needs of a business environment where data security and additional features are much needed.

So, before you purchase a license for Windows 10, you might want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will I use my device mostly for entertainment and everyday tasks only?
  • Do I use productivity apps more commonly than an average user?
  • Will I be running business transactions on my device?
  • What basic security features do I need?

Now that you’re clear about your device usage, let’s explore Windows 10 Home Vs Pro features and choose the right version for your device.

Windows 10 Home Vs Pro: Which Version To Choose?

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Wondering about what version of Windows 10 to choose for your device is based solely on your goals. How you’ll use your device, what you’ll use your device for, andwhat security functions you require?

Microsoft offers an extensive collection of apps and features for both versions of Windows 10. Updated security, access to exclusive Microsoft store, and enhancing your daily productivity are key aims of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro.

Unlike the generic head-to-head comparison, we’ll discuss the features exclusive to Windows 10 Pro. The following features are unique to Windows 10 Pro. If you can find a use for either one of them, Pro is definitely the option for you. But if you can’t, you might want to save those extra $80 by purchasing Windows 10 Home and get a hardware upgrade instead.

Hardware Limitations

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A major thing that contributes to the Windows 10 Pro vs Home debate is hardware compatibility.

Windows 10 Home supports a decent 128 GBs of RAM, whereas Windows 10 Pro supports an impressive 2 TB memory. While the difference is ridiculously large, it barely affects an everyday user.

Businesses and organizations that use Virtual Machines on the go are the target audience for such large memory compatibility. Even though you can equip your device with the latest and most RAM, you’re very unlikely to need it outside of a business environment.

Remote Desktop Protocol

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Remote desktop is a frequently used feature of Windows 10 in a business setup. Although you can launch the basic Remote Desktop Protocol on Windows 10 Home, you’re don’t have access to the complete arsenal of features that Windows 10 Pro offers.

With Windows 10 Pro, you can remotely access and control your computer from any other device on your network. While there are numerous other platforms like TeamViewer that offer the same, and sometimes advanced features, you may not get the security that accompanies the Windows built-in feature.


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Hyper-V is a Windows 10 Pro’s unique feature that lets you run Virtual Machines. Virtual Machines are the emulations that provide the functionality to a computer. And to use this feature, you need to have a CPU that supports VM running in the first place.

Though Hyper-V comes as a part of your Windows 10 Pro license, you still need to download it from the Microsoft Store. So, suppose your daily business use does include emulating Virtual Machines. In that case, you might need an upgrade from your Windows 10 Home edition.


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Bitlocker is a trusted Microsoft Windows feature that proves very valuable in data security. Suppose you need to keep your business files and transactions safe. In that case, Bitlocker equips you with all the tools to encrypt a drive to prevent hacking and phishing.

However, the highlight of this feature in Windows 10 Pro edition is that it lets you encrypt individual files and folders as well. Unlike the previous versions, you can now choose which files and folders to protect individually, where you had limited options before.

Trusted Boot

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There is a short window during the boot-up when your computer might be unprotected against malware. When you boot your computer, it takes a while before your anti-malware starts. And it is in this short window that your computer and data are vulnerable to threats.

Trusted Boot is a salient security feature offered by Microsoft on the Windows 10 Pro version. It provides real-time protection for your PC right from the moment you boot your computer. Like the other features mentioned above, this too is highly specific for business requirements. You don’t typically need much higher levels of security in your daily tasks on your computer.


Windows 10 Home Vs Pro is a debate only answerable by your needs and requirement from your device. If you haven’t already made your mind up about either getting Windows 10 Home or PRO, it is highlighted above already. Your choice depends on your business use, versatile features, security, and app upgrades.

If you’re an orthodox gamer and are hoping to switch to Pro edition will improve your experience, you’ve got it all wrong. Windows 10 Home edition is a complete operating system that best fits the needs of daily chores you perform. However, if some of the above features excite your interests, then it’s a sure call going for Windows 10 Pro.

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