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Twitter Attempts to Control the Circulation of Misleading Information

Twitter announced on Tuesday, 17th August, to take the circulation of misleading tweets more seriously. Catching up on Facebook’s reporting news for its misleading nature, it isn’t too late for Twitter to catch up. This comes as a response to the increasing political and health misleading news over social media.

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Twitter has launched a beta for testing the new feature in the US, South Korea, and Australia. The new update will allow users to report a certain tweet. But when you click on the report button, you’ll get an additional option of reporting it as “misleading.” In a response to the upsurge of misleading info circulating over the internet regarding the recent US withdrawal from Afghanistan and other Covid vaccination hoaxes, this might prove to be quite effective against the campaigns.

However, the company also mentions that it will be ineffective against the majority of small posts. Since this is a preliminary test to introduce a more robust method of flagging tweets as misleading, it mostly circles around collecting information. But still, Twitter urges its users to report a tweet as misleading when they feel right. This will help them collect data on the types and sources of such tweets and be vigilant against them.

The company has also recently introduced a system of Birdwatch, which is in its initial stages. Birdwatch allows users to attach a context to the reported tweet citing the reason for reporting. We may not see a hard and immediate impact of these changes, but they will pave the way for bigger changes up ahead.

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