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Ps5 Restock Updates: Will There Be PS5 Restock This Week?

We previously talked about the stores that were scheduled to have a Ps5 Restock. This week we come with a rumor which is most likely to be accurate and was whispered to the internet by Jake Randall in a Twitter post. According to Jake, Target will probably restock the Ps5 by Friday this week at 6 PM ET. I guess we will know for sure on Friday by 6 PM ET. But let’s hope for the best. 

If you want a Ps5 soon, then Target should be your next shopping spot as a restock there is highly expected. Even though they restocked only 20 days ago, Jake Randalls’ Words has it that Target has been storing the Ps5 in order to put a large amount on the shelves instead of restocking in small amounts. Probably in order to save the ones who reach the store late from disappointment. 

Target has been very active when it comes to restocking the Ps5. They have been changing their selling methods from in-store purchases to online purchases and pickup only.

Other than target, as we all know, the most authentic source of finding a Ps5 is the sony store or PlayStation Direct. Sony has been scheduling a lot of restocking events the last month and delivering them unexpectedly fast. If you want to keep yourself updated with the PlayStation direct newsletter. Subscribe to the PlayStation Direct newsletter ASAP in order to keep yourself updated with their restock updates. 

Other stores that are said to be planning a Ps5 restock are Walmart, GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, PlayStation Direct, Newegg, eBay, And Stockx.

Stores That Recently Had a Ps5 Restock:

  • Antonline: Aug. 31
  • Walmart: Sept. 16
  • PlayStation Direct: Aug. 24, Sept. 10, 14, 15, 21, 22, 24, 28
  • GameStop: Sept. 14, 28, 30
  • Amazon: Sept. 2, Sept. 21, 27
  • Target: Sept. 10
  • Best Buy: Sept. 23
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