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Is There Any Software That Can Convert Speech to Text?

Speech-to-text software was considered niche technology, catering to people with accessibility needs or wanting to boost their productivity. However, in recent years it has become more accessible for everyone.

Some of the best speech-to-text software is dictation apps that you can speak into and will transcribe in real-time. Other transcription services allow you to upload audio files and edit a transcript.

Otter Voice Notes

otter speech to text

The Otter Voice Notes app can transcribe audio files on any iPhone and even lets you record in real time. It also identifies speakers in a recording and highlights their names on playback. This makes it easy to follow a transcript and correct any mistakes. You can also take the benefits of speech-to-text technology in classroom lectures. However, keep in mind that various factors, including background noise and echo, can affect the accuracy of the transcriptions.

To use Otter Voice Notes, log into the app and enter your email address. Once you’ve signed in, you can either click the “Record” button on the home page to begin recording or click the “My Conversations” button to import an existing file for transcription. Once you’ve completed your recording, save it as a document or share it with others.

Otter also allows you to train it to recognize your voice so that it transcribes your words correctly. This feature is useful for people who frequently hold meetings in big rooms or are surrounded by multiple other voices. It can also pick up jargon, names, and other vocabulary words that are unique to you. To manage your customized word list, visit the Otter website, select Account settings, then My Voiceprint.

The free version of Otter gives you 600 minutes of free transcription each month. You can also pay to upgrade to the Pro plan for more transcriptions and features, such as Zoom sync. You can also add photos to your documents and create and manage folders to keep them organized. Otter has a quick start guide and a comprehensive FAQ page, which can help you get started with the program.

Braina Pro

Braina speech to text app

iTranslate Speech to Text is a unique app that uses your microphone to translate foreign speech into your language. It also translates images like photos of signs in a foreign country into your language. This software is a great way to learn a new language or practice your existing one. It is available on iOS devices and requires iOS 6.0 or later.

Braina Pro is a personal assistant software that can transcribe audio and convert it into text. Its simple instructions and interface make it easy to use. It also offers features like dictation, voice commands, and a dictionary. You can also use the software to automate computer tasks and set reminders. It is a great tool for business and academic applications.

The best speech recognition software should be able to recognize different accents, pronunciations, and vocabulary. It should also be able to pause and resume the transcription. This is a feature that most voice recognition apps lack, but it can make a big difference in accuracy. In addition, it should be able to identify whether it is a male or female voice and adjust accordingly.

Another option for speech-to-text software is Watson speechtexter, an AI-based solution that works on various devices. It is available on the cloud and on-premises. It is ideal for transcribing complex files and converting them to multiple languages.

For Mac users, Apple Dictation software is a good choice. The app is completely free and compatible with a wide range of Apple devices, including the iPad. With its ability to handle up to 30 seconds of audio at once, it excels in environments with a lot of commotion or background noise. Moreover, it provides the useful feature of tagging transcripts with speaker labels and adding timestamps for easy reference.


text-to-speech software

Speechify is a text-to-speech software allowing users to read content aloud, including Wikipedia pages, PDF files, company websites, and email. It also supports multiple languages and has more than 30 voices, making it ideal for students, writers, and editors. It also offers features that help users maximize productivity and easily absorb information.

The Speechify app is designed to be used hands-free and can be accessed on mobile, desktop, and via the Google Chrome extension. This makes it perfect for various situations, from reading assignments while working on the go to listening to books on a morning run. Users can also listen to the content while driving or walking, which helps them save time and improve safety.

Created by Cliff Weitzman, who has dyslexia, many people now use Speechify. Its highlighting feature is ideal for users with dyslexia and other reading disabilities, allowing them to listen without straining their eyes. It also works offline, allowing users to access documents and web pages even when disconnected.

With Speechify, users can create audio recordings of any document or website to listen to later. This software also provides a content library that lets them store and organize their files, making it easy for them to locate them when they need them. Its text-to-speech capability also allows for better coordination with teams, with features like team management, shared workspaces, real-time chat and video conferencing, file sharing, and auditing. In addition, the software can be used to create content that can be listened to on a mobile device or transcribed into an audio app like Clubhouse once you get the invite access.

Speech notes

speech to text software

Speech Notes is a web-based application that allows users to take notes via voice or text. It uses an advanced transcription engine that can produce results within minutes. You can also use this software to transcribe recordings or video files. You can save the transcriptions as a document or email them to someone else.

The best part about Speechnotes is that it requires no installation or high-end hardware. Users can use it on any device that supports Google Chrome. It is ideal for those who must keep track of many projects simultaneously. This software can save them a lot of time, and it’s easy to move from typing to dictating at the drop of a hat.

This software offers several features similar to the popular voice recognition app Siri. Users can dictate punctuation marks using the built-in punctuation keyboard and easily add names, signatures, greetings, etc. The software also supports a wide variety of languages.

You can download the free version of Speech Notes from the official website. Upgrade to a paid version for more features and customization options. The premium version costs $9 annually and gives unlimited dictation, text-to-speech on any website, and fast editable stamps. It also removes ads and provides support for feature requests.

The best thing about Speechnotes is that it works well for different types of speakers. It is accurate and can recognize even difficult American, British, or Jamaican accents. It can also recognize acronyms, technical words, and number usage. This software is a great option for businesses and individuals who must transcribe audio and video files. It can save them a lot of time, which is important in this busy age.


speech-to-text programs

ListNote is a speech-to-text software integrating Google’s voice recognition technology with a note-taking program. Its features are more comprehensive than other speech-to-text programs, including an organizer for notes by category or assigned color and a text editor. The program also allows you to set reminders and import/export text. You can use it to create shopping lists or other quick lists of things you need to do. It can also transcribe audio data from any app and filter out profanity.

You can also use it to take notes while listening to music or podcasts. This will free up your hands and allow you to focus on the task. The program can also read text from a document or screen with a stylus or keyboard. You can even record an audio clip and convert it to text, which is useful for people who do a lot of writing or editing.

The software can be used to transcribe emails, dictation, and documents. It can also recognize a variety of voices and languages, so you can choose the one that works best for your needs. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can also use the software to take hands-free phone calls if you have a microphone.

Another great feature of this program is its ability to convert speech to text and translate it into other languages. This is an incredibly valuable tool for frequent international travelers. You can utilize it to translate business-related content from locals into your native language or to assist you in comprehending foreign phrases in a business context. It also supports the translation of visual content, such as photos and various forms of media.

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