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Sony Bags a Massive Deal to Amp Up PS5 Stocks

Sony closes an important deal amid the Covid crisis to meet the growing demands for PS5 stocks. The Japanese gaming giant shows confidence in meeting its holistic sales target for PlayStation 5 as it now has enough hardware to meet international demand. A key component in electronics, the semiconductor, has been in global shortage since last year’s pandemic. But with the recent vaccination efforts, we see a gradual recovery in global trade.

Sony’s Chief Financial Officer, Hiroki Totoki told Reuters, “We use a lot of semiconductors and it is a source of concern, we can’t become complacent.” He further added that the $499 PS5 will finally step into profit with the closing of this new deal. The $399 PlayStation sales will remain at a loss. However, Sony’s CFO expressed how they expect to make up for the loss through entertainment and other electronic productions. And we’ve all heard of Sony’s intentions of partnering with Netflix and Disney to debut in entertainment.

Will Sony’s New Deal Effect the global PS5 Stocks?

Yes! The uncovering of this deal means we can finally kiss goodbye to the global PlayStation 5 Stock crisis. No more ripping off by third-party vendors and long waits in queues to get a new console. Though there’s still time before the new stocks hit the market, they will be readily available by this year’s end. While the race for profit conversion is just warming up for PS5, the PS4 still is the company’s main profit-making console.

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The Operating Profit for Q1 clocked in at a staggering 280 Billion Yen ($2.55 Billion) in June. This is much higher than the analysts’ prediction of 226.1 Billion Yen ($2.06 Billion), according to Bloomberg. And the profit will rise even more as Sony seems to be on track for its sales target of 22 Million PS5s. Out of which, it has sold over 10 Million consoles already since last November.

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