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Snapchat Planet Order- Check Out the Order and Meaning!

Snapchat is a fun social media platform that lets you stay connected with friends and colleagues. Whether you want to update what’s happening or keep tabs on your friend’s life, everything becomes more manageable with Snapchat. Many new features are popping up on Snapchat to make your user experience even more delightful. Snapchat planet order is the latest advanced feature many people have difficulty understanding.

Snapchat planet order is a fun feature you shouldn’t miss out on for life. If you want to know what Snapchat order means and its concept, we are here to help. Keep reading!

Wondering What a Snapchat Planet is?

Many GenZ kids are hooked on Snapchat because of its unique features and fun user interface. With time, Snapchat produces more fantastic features to alleviate your user experience and keep you on the app longer. Apart from streaks and Bitmoji, Snapchat is launching its new feature: Snapchat Planet.

Many people new to the app need help understanding the concept behind Snapchat Planet and how it works. You may notice that Snapchat offers two friend lists, one for friends and one for best friends. Add them to your planet list to keep your best friends even closer.

Snapchat Planet allows you to add eight closest friends to the solar system. It is a fun way to keep in touch with every friend and have a fantastic time exploring what they are up to. There are even more fun activities that you can make use of to have a gala time.

Snapchat Planet Order: Make Things More Fun!

Learning how to download Snapchat videos is easy, but we will explore more fun features today. Now that you know about Snapchat Planet, you must know its order and how to use it well. Snapchat planet order is a fun experience that helps you evaluate how close or distant a friend is.

Mercury is the closest planet in the solar system, while Neptune is the furthest. You can make your closest friend Mercury, while a friend who isn’t in touch with you can be Neptune. It is a fun way of evaluating which friend is the closest to you and which is the most distant. It is a fun activity that keeps you hooked and has a fun experience.

What is the Purpose Behind Snapchat Planet Order?

The Snapchat planet order has no significant purpose; it is a fun activity that helps you enjoy your leisure time. You can decide and think deeply about which friend is closest to you, and that friend gets the Mercury position.

Each planet has a different feature and indicates how valuable friendship is to you. Enjoy this feature and get all your friends along in this fun activity. Don’t hesitate to have some fun and keep the anguish aside when doing so.

What Does Each Planet Indicate?

Each planet has a different feature, indicating another bond and a friend’s personality. The planet closer to the sun is closest to you, and the farthest one has a distant bond with you. While there are many disadvantages, the positive side of social media helps you have a fun time. You can have entertaining banter with your friends and have a good time exploring your friendship bond. Here is what each planet indicates:

1. Mercury


Mercury is one of the closest planets in the solar system, and Snapchat has such a fun emoji. This planet is pinkish-red with five hearts around it. This planet shows the fun bond with your friend and how you can grow it over the years. A friend who is Mercury is the closest to you, and the bond is only going to grow.

2. Venus


Venus is the second closest planet in the solar system, which indicates another friend you have a closer bond with. It is pale yellow with colorful hearts, providing a charming look. It is fun to give your friends a position according to your bond with them. Venus indicates the second closest friend who has a strong bond with you.

3. Earth


While Earth may be the third farthest planet in the solar system, it holds a unique bond. Its vibrant nature signifies a special connection with a friend with a special place in your heart. This planet, Earth, is truly remarkable. The planet is surrounded by a few colorful hearts and a moon that’s always shining no matter what.

4. Mars


Mars is a cute planet with a bright red color and many beautiful emojis around it. It is the fourth farthest planet, and a friend you decide to make Mars is on neutral ground—an emotionally available friend yet not around too much when you need them.

5. Jupiter

snapchat planet order

Jupiter is the fifth farthest planet with a reddish-orange color looking dope in the solar system. Stars and a bunch of heart emojis surround Jupiter, making it look surreal amongst other planets.

6. Saturn

snapchat planet order

Saturn is the sixth farthest planet, orangish yellow with a golden ring around it. It makes the planet look unique as it is surrounded by stars only.

7. Uranus

snapchat planet order

Uranus is the seventh farthest planet; a friend you give this place may not be such a good friend. This planet has no hearts but a few sparkles showing your friendship status.

8. Neptune

snapchat planet order

Neptune is the farthest of all planets, and a friend who owns this position is down in your priority list. There is not much life or love on this planet; hence, a friend who holds this position might not be too happy.

Final Verdict

Snapchat is a fun app, primarily if you use its unique features to connect all your friends. Snapchat planet order is a fun way to ensure all your friends know their position. It is a fun way to make your friends a part of a solar system and give them positions according to compatibility.

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