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Share Pokemon Unite Data Between Nintendo Switch and Your Mobile Devices

Pokemon unite has been on mobile devices as of the 22nd of September 2021. Most of us grew up watching pokemon and later playing it on our Nintendo gaming consoles. Pokemon brings back nostalgic memories from our childhoods and lets us take a walk down memory lane every now and then. Not only us early 2000’s babies but even the ones younger than us are addicted to pokemon games, let that be card games or digital games. Everyone enjoys Pokemon Unite, but then not everyone can afford a Nintendo switch. 

The release of pokemon Unite for mobiles devices has filled our hearts with immense happiness. Because now, everyone who wishes to play the game can, and if later you decide to buy the Nintendo Switch, you can transfer the game data from your mobile phone to your gaming console. 

It’s been two months since Pokemon Unite was released on the Nintendo switch. And now, two months later, they decided to bless us with the game by releasing it on phones as well. This free Pokemon spin-off game is available to download both on android devices as well as on iPhones. Imagine downloading it on your new Samsung Phone or the new iPhone 13 series and enjoying it on the big screen with your headphones on, munching on chips, and sipping on soda, living your best life. 

It now seems as if Apple and Nintendo planned on releasing their best features around the same time to overwhelm us with happiness. 

How To Share Pokémon Unite Save Data On Switch And Mobile Devices

So basically, all your Pokemon Unite data is saved in your Nintendo account or Pokemon trainer Club account that you initially link when signing up on the game. In order to share data between your Nintendo Switch and your phone (it can be any smartphone at all), you will be required to log in with the same account that you first linked when you started the game in the very beginning. It is very simple and straightforward, actually. Almost every online games ass you to create an account that enables you to switch the data from one phone to another by logging in to your video game account. 

As straightforward as it is, there is one avoidable complication that exists. In order to avoid it, you must be careful and log in with your initial account if you wish to transfer your data to your new device. If you fail to do so, you will lose your previous progress, and a whole new data will start creating. 

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