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Galaxy Users Can Now Carry Their Vaccination Pass in the Samsung Pay Wallet

Covid-19 has plunged the world into an economic disaster and is showing no signs of slowing down. We observed a brief relaxation earlier in 2021, but the Delta variant has workplaces closing down again. And for the places that are open, it is compulsory to show proof of your vaccination upon entering. But smartphone developers aren’t taking a back seat in making the process digital, especially Samsung. The Samsung Pay Vaccination is is an addition to a device’s Wallet. You can fetch your vaccination details and keep them a tap away in your Samsung Pay Wallet.

Samsung has partnered up with The Commons Project Foundation to integrate vaccination information with smartphone devices. The CPF is a non-profit health care data organization collecting results from numerous leading health providers and pharmacies. In a joint effort, Samsung will cross-check user info with the health care database. And if it finds a match for the records, it will fetch the data and help present QR codes to be scanned at public places’ entrances.

How to Add Vaccination Pass to Samsung Pay?

To add the vaccination pass to Samsung’s Pay Wallet on smartphones, you need to have the official CommonHealth App installed. Since the app contains all of your medical records, it’ll be a little hectic to browse through all reports for a pass. and this is why Samsung now allows you to add the vaccination pass directly to the Pay Wallet from the app. You simply need to :

  • Download the CommonHealth app from Google Play Store.
  • Follow through the intnrsuctions on screen to get to your Covid-19 vaccination records.
  • Once the app has fetched your vaccination data, tap on the “Add to Samsung Pay” link.

This will add the vaccination information to your Samsung Pay wallet. And you can access it by opening the Samsung Pay wallet when you need it and tapping on the “Covid-19 Vaccine Pass” from the home screen.

In the words of the CommonHealth app’s chief architect, JP Pollak, ” Rather than having to pull up CommonHealth — which is a personal health records app, which isn’t really designed for walking into a grocery store and showing a QR code — now you can store this in a much more convenient place”

For iPhone Users

iPhone users can expect a similar update from Apple later this year with the release of the iOS 15. Google was the first to start the service of allowing users to add the vaccination pass to Google Pay accounts. And with Samsung’s initiative, only Apple seems to be lagging behind in the race.

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