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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – Leaks and Updates

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 leaks spread like wildfire across the internet with Samsung’s sneak peek into the new software that will be powering up the new smartwatch series. Though we now know the Galaxy Watch 4 series will premier around the 11th of August, along with other gadgets, the main highlight remains the amped-up hardware. The new smartwatch series by Samsung is rumored to pack around 1.5 GBs of RAM. Also accompanied by a staggering 16 GBs of storage.

Doubling up the storage from the previous Galaxy Watch 3 series is music to the ears of offline users. It offers more music to be stored in cache for offline listening, more space to keep all of your Galaxy Smart Watch apps in one place, and relief from having to declutter your Galaxy Watch every once in a while.

Besides the hardware upgrades, the Galaxy Watch 4 series will feature an Active watch as a baseline model. The more premium specs will go under the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic models making their debut in the Samsung’s Smart Watches line. With such overwhelming upgrades for a new line of Smart Watches comes the worry of a price hike. Though we do not have the manufacturer’s word for what price category the new watch series will fall under, some rumors suggest the following.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: $340

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: $250

Despite being quite similar, little upgrades can mean a lot in such tech gadgets. And seeing as the expected price hike is not too out of the park for smart users, the Galaxy SmartWatch 4 shows the potential of going toe-to-toe with its sole competitor, the Apple Watch. However, we’ve got three weeks to discover how much truth stands behind these rumors and leaks. Will it hold strong against our expectations from the latest gadget released by the tech giant Samsung? Or will the hype fade faster than it has built up? Let us know what your take is on the matter in the comments below!

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