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PS5 Restock Update: Where to Get Your PS5 Disk or Digital Console Today

PS5 Disk and Digital consoles are expected for a show in the markets today. With over three weeks elapsed since Walmart, the biggest sales front for the console opened their sales window shortly on July 1st, chances are high the same might happen today again. After all, the PS5 restock update across several stores happens on Thursdays.

Though it is very likely for Walmart, Target, GameStop, and Amazon to restock PS5 consoles today, the window may still be narrow. So, camping in front of your screens and joining a queue ahead of time is the only sure way to get your hands on a console. Especially from how we see the previous restocking to only last a few seconds before is all sold-out on 1st July at Walmart.

Observing the previous PS5 restocking trends, we see the restocking usually happens around 2 p.m E.T. And that’s reason enough to believe the same might be happening today. As a word of caution, avoid aggressively refreshing the webpage if you enter a queue and it’s taking long. You may end up losing your spot and with it, the chance to get yourself a new console.

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The consoles will be available under the following price tags according to Matt Swinder, a renowned tracking expert on Twitter.

PS5 Disk: $499

PS5 Digital: $399

You can even see the status of PS5 stock on Walmart’s website change to “Out of Stock” from featuring third-party sellers giving way to a much higher price. This is yet another indication of the PS5 restock update being valid for today.

Moreover, if you are a GameStop PowerPro Rewards customer, you have the privilege of bypassing queues and securing a console by priority. But if you don’t have such a subscription plan at hand, following social media and camping in front of the screens during the opening window is your best chance to get a PS% in today’s restocking.

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Mohammad Ibrahim
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