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No Need To look for a PS5 Re-stock: PS5 Pro Release Date, Rumors, and More

We have previously kept you guys updated with our regular PS5 re-stock information, but today we come to you with a piece of better news.

The legendary PS5 is about to turn one year old. It’s about time we stop searching up “PS5 re-stocks” and start planning about buying the new PS5 Pro. PS5 is hard to get hands-on, but now it’s time to move towards the expectedly more powerful and newer version of the console.

Even though it’s been a year since the PS5 release, but be honest, most of you still go on Twitter to find out new re-stock updates and bundles that do not include paying an extra $500 or an Xbox Series X for that matter. It’s human nature, I guess. It’s just never too soon or late to start thinking about the next marvelous console you might not be able to get your hands on. But you might want to give Twitter a trawling break after finding out about a new console available on the horizon. 

There have been rising rumors regarding a new PS release; the PS5 Pro. The rumors are very much sweet, not going to lie. However, at the moment, the sole tip-based rumor comes from Moore’s Law is Dead (MLID). MLID claims that Sony is working on a new console that is expected to have higher and better specs.

We would advise you not to get your expectation regarding the release high as it’s expected to release in late 2023 and late 2024 with a price of $600 to $700 incorporating the forthcoming 6nm Zen 3 or Zen 4 AMD silicon to drive 8K gameplay.

In 2022 you might get a new PS5 with VR (commonly dubbed “PSVR2”). Sony has already released new hardware for it as well. But the confusion and question here is why Sony would not regard this as the new “pro” version by just upgrading the internal hardware to a PS6?

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