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Nintendo Switch OLED Review: The Best Switch Model, Yet Not That Different From The Rest

Let me put this in words that everyone will understand: Nintendo Switch OLED is by far the best Switch model, but to your kids, it’s basically the same thing. 

The latest version in the Nintendo Switch series is the most expensive one yet. Priced at  $350, or $50 more than the previous model. However, is it really worth it? Well, yes and no. 

A Better Display

The Nintendo Switch OLED is the bigger and brighter addition, obviously due to the OLED display. The 7-inch OLED Switch’s display is way more realistic and vivid, plus it is great at showing the smallest of game details in a higher resolution than the previous model. The colors are more saturated, which goes hand in hand with Nintendo’s wide array of bright and bold platformers.

The OLED Switch has smaller bezels, which makes the entire thing feel more modern. However, opting for a 7-inch display isn’t the gargantuan leap Nintendo aimed for. Don’t get me wrong; it is still better than the original switch model in every way. The 7-inch display looks much better for all games, but it is still not honing its full potential, considering how massive modern tablets are. The 720p resolution is low for a 7-inch display, though it’s not much noticeable. One thing is for certain, and once you use this model, it will be hard to come back to the original switch.

A Slightly Larger Size

The OLED Switch is slightly larger and heavier than the previous model. That means that you may need new accessories if you already own a Switch as all previous accessories, including Nintendo Labo, won’t fit this model. Other than that, the OLED Switch is relatively successful at capturing the Nintendo Switch feel.

One thing they didn’t change was the Joy-Cons, and to be honest, they already had a pretty good design, so there isn’t a need for change. Just slide them to the sides, or remove them and connect them using a Joy-Con Grip. Another great addition is the new and improved kickstand, which allows you to play Table Top games seamlessly.

The original Nintendo Switch kickstand was flimsy and horrible, not to mention it could only be set at a single angle. The OLED screen also improves the viewing distance, ensuring a good tabletop gaming session. The pop-out plastic kickstand is almost the entire length of the body and can be adjusted to any angle of your liking, from close to flat to nearly upright. Similar to the iPad kickstand cases.

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Mohammad Ibrahim
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