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iPhone Sleep Mode: How To Use It And Set Up Sleep Mode

Apple is world-renowned for its creativity and ingenuity. It surprises us with new updates every now and then. And of course, the yearly release, that’s an event we all wait for all year long. The list of things is long, and we don’t have the word limit for it, to be honest. And also, the list of qualities of apple, I guess, cannot be compiled in a single document. I think we all can agree upon that.

Now let’s talk about why we are actually here, one of the greatest updates in the world of IOS, the iPhone sleep mode. Apple gave us this fantastic feature after a long time. And hey, the wait was worth it. With this, Apple did really show us how it’s not all about money but about us too. They expressed their genuine concern for our health with this advanced feature. In the sleep mode, iPhone prevents the screen from lighting up in order to let us sleep, rest, or work. We will discuss what actually the iPhone sleep mode is, how it works, whether or not the times can be altered, and if yes, then how to change sleep time on iPhone.

A more interesting fact, Apple did not only release it on iPhones but also on watches too. So, if you are a busy person and also a rich one who owns a watch, read this article and set up the sleep mode on your gadgets.

What is iPhone Sleep Mode?

The Sleep mode iPhone was first introduced back in September of 2020, with the launch of iOS 14, considered somewhat revolutionary for the workaholics among us. You may be wondering what is sleep mode on iPhone? For those of us, who do not wish to have our iPhones turned on 24 hours a day, you can activate sleep mode by either pressing the sleep button or pushing Do Not Disturb.

Let’s be real for a second; whether we like to admit it or not, we all are addicted to our phones. Whenever we hear the iconic iPhone “ding” notification tone, we instantly get a dopamine rush and then proceed to check our phones. It is a vicious cycle that doesn’t care whether it is night or day. To combat this notorious issue, the iPhone sleep mode was launched.

It allows the iPhone to still receive notifications and calls; however, they remain silent until a specific time. You can set the time according to your needs. For instance, you’re an early riser. However, lately, you can’t sleep because your phone keeps on ringing. To save your sleep and sanity, you can simply adjust the time period of your sleep mode and nod off. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll be greeted by a plethora of unnecessary notifications gathered during the time you enjoyed your sleep.

No notification or call in the world is more important than a good nights’ sleep. Nonetheless, if you’re finicky about missing an important message or are afraid of sleeping through an emergency call, iPhone allows you to add a few significant people into a list that doesn’t mute notifications of contacts present in the list. Well, to sum it up exactly, it is a brilliant little feature that allows you to easily sleep without being disturbed by unnecessary notifications.

How to Enable iPhone Sleep Mode?


Enabling the Apple Sleep mode may be the easiest thing you can do on your phone. However, you don’t need to feel embarrassed if you don’t know how to, YET. Because this is legit why you are here and why this article exists in the first place. No one knows how to use a certain product or feature just after the release, but they learn how to with the help of the internet. With a 100% guarantee, you will know how to use the sleep mode and, furthermore, how to customize your iPhone sleep mode settings. In shorter words, you will soon be an apple-sleep-mode pro.

Apple introduced a built-in health app some time ago. And this app is exactly how you can activate the sleep mode on your phone or Apple watch. Now, you can decide how much sleep time you require. Set up the ideal goals and put in the hours. Once enabled, your phone’s screen will go dark and will mute notifications. However, turning on the sleep mode will only replace our normal watch face and any complications with a simplified time display.

Here are the steps on how to activate sleep mode on iPhone:

how to set iPhone sleep mode
  1. Launch Apple’s Health app on your ‌iPhone‌.
  2. Tap the Browse tab in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down and select “sleep.”
  4. Under “Your Schedule,” tap Full Schedule & Options.
  5. Under “Additional Details,” tap Options.

See how easy it is? All it takes is five taps in total. It’s basically child’s play. I mean, actually, if you cannot do it, ask your child to do it for you. Kids these days understand technology more than adults. Children nowadays do not enjoy actual sports, and by that I mean, rolling in the mud, getting their clothes dirty, or exposing themselves to vitamin D. All they like to do is use screens all day long. But then it is a digital era, after all.

How to Manually Use Sleep Mode on iPhone?


Now that you have learned how to enable sleep mode, it will automatically turn off and on according to the sleep timer for iPhone. This will occur every day without missing a beat. So you do not have to worry about when to put my phone to sleep. It basically acts as your digital mother, not going to lie. Jokes aside, If you feel neurotic about not having this control, don’t worry. You can easily adjust everything manually. Do not panic after reading the word “Manually” this has nothing to do with you actually indulging in physical activity. You still get to be a couch potato and do it from the comfort of your couch. Let me explain how.

If you’re wondering about how to turn off sleep mode on iPhone or change iPhone sleep time, just follow these steps.

  1. Either choose the shortcut by pressing dismiss at the bottom of the sleep mode screen.
  2. This will disable sleep mode for the time being only. It will set back at the same time the next day.
  3. To close it completely, go to the control center and press the “bed” icon, which usually resides in the bottom left corner, and it should turn off.
  4. If you wish to change the sleep timer for iPhone, just simply go back to the health app, select browse, then tap sleep and adjust the timer according to your needs.

Was this so hard? I think not. Do not be discouraged by such minor inconveniences; life is much harder. You probably know that, don’t you? That’s why you’re enabling sleep mode.


So this was all about the sleep mode on the iPhone. I hope you learned how to use yours. The iPhone sleep mode has proven to be very useful to users. Speaking from first-hand experience, my productivity has increased, my sleep has improved, and I am in the best shape ever.

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