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iPhone 13 Will Feature a Promotion Display and ProRes for Video

We’re less than two months away from Apple’s big announcements for this year. But Bloomberg’s Mark Gruman already gives us glimpses of iPhone 13’s features. Major camera and video recording features are the highlights of the iPhone 13 upgrade this season besides the A15 SoC chip. The successor to iPhone 12 will introduce at least three upgrades to the camera stack.

More Releases this Fall:

Cinematic Video

The Portrait mode for pictures finally expands to videos, where it takes the name of Cinematic Video. This is partly attributed to the all-new A15 SoC chip that’ll power the latest flagship models. The much-welcomed feature of Portrait mode where it blurs the background to enhance the subject depth will have a similar effect in a video. The advanced depth sensor on iPhone 13 will capture the video in depth. And allow the users to alter blurring after capturing a video.

ProRes Recording

ProRes Recording is the latest feature of the iPhone 13 upgrade. Thanks to the revamped camera, this feature will allow users to capture videos in production qualities. Though the videos will be captured in HD or 4K quality, they will be of a fairly large size. Also, it will allow users much more control over editing after the capture of video for production. Though it’s the most exciting addition to the flagship series, it is expected to only be available in the premium iPhone 13 Pro models.

Colors and Highlights

The third exciting video feature added to iPhone 13 is true-to-life colors and new filters. it will feature 2 new styles to add to photos. One, adding a warming or cooling effect to photos while keeping the whites neutral. And two, deepening the shadows with higher contrasts to keep colors realistic.

The new iPhones will also introduce new filters to the camera arsenal. But to mark its difference, it will allow users to add the filters individually to subjects rather than the complete frame. This is where the A15 powered AI comes into play again. Advanced AI will detect objects and people in photos to apply frames to.

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