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The New iPhone 13 Will Likely Have a Satellite Connectivity Besides Other Features

More exciting news gets tagged along the bandwagon as we near the Apple unveiling ceremony of 2022. Going for thicker cams and the routine features update is clearly not enough for Apple! The infamous analyst, Ming-Chi Quo reports that the iPhone 13 will bring an additional radio feature this year, the satellite connectivity.

iPhone 12 saw immediate success with the normalization of 5G networks. But as efficient as the 5G broadband is, it is short-range. And that might’ve been what Apple drew its inspiration from. However, an earlier Bloomberg report suggests that Apple has been finding common ground in the sat network since as early as 2017.

iPhone 13 will have a Qualcomm X60 modem chip to support satellite communications. Since there haven’t been prototypes for this technology, we can’t be sure if it’ll be as good as we expect it to be. Nonetheless, satellite communication has been around for long enough.

Sat communications pivot around the idea of using Lower Earth Orbit satellites for communication when radio signals are unavailable. The sat phones resemble a brick more than they resemble a smartphone. Also, has annoyingly fragile and long antennae.

Now, keeping that structure in mind, if Apple goes through with making this technology a mainstream production, it will really be a turning point in the smartphones tech we have today. Apple has always been sleek with its innovations and it may be the Year when it introduces another phenomenal concept to the consumer market.

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The iPhone 13 satellite connectivity will support phones and text messages when radio signals are not available. This is a feature that will attract many travelers or users who prefer to stay connected where they go. More so, a large attraction of users is also expected from those living in rural areas with little/no mobile networks coverage.

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