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How to Get More Engagement on Facebook

Facebook has been in our lives for over a decade now. Everyone that we know has an account or even two. Especially since the Coronavirus hit us last year, now even those that weren’t on Facebook before can also be found scrolling through their feeds. And that’s probably why you need to increase your Facebook engagement much strategically!

It doesn’t take a whole lot of one’s time even to sign up. So, often, people are like, why not?

Ever since the pandemic started, everyone is producing a lot of content too. Let it be on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook.

Because of the excessive amount of content, the engagement level has dropped dramatically. And it has become very hard for one to increase Facebook engagement or even get their content out there.

If you, too, are an influencer and are struggling to find a start on Facebook, you need to learn about the Facebook campaign setup to get started and increase your engagement as you go.

Thanks to Facebook’s new algorithm, if you aren’t friends with a peso, they won’t get your content on their feed!

Hence, not many chances of getting heard by your fans if you are an influencer or a group member. However, if you are wondering about how to get more engagement on Facebook, you are in the right place.

How To Increase Engagement On Facebook?

Here we will share a few tips on how to increase engagement on Facebook. Or, the number of comments, likes, and shares on your Facebook posts. Sit tight, read carefully, and stay tuned till the end to find the hack that best suits your needs!

Share Interesting Content:

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Your Facebook followers/friends aren’t looking for a sales pitch or anything boring about your day. Therefore, make your content interesting by sharing something humorous and interesting—for example, a meme or a vlog.

People these days are on Facebook for the sake of the good quality memes they get to see. Make them laugh through the content you share and share something sentimental that they can relate to. (this is key to scoring a good number of shares).

Increase Audience Engagement:

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If you really want to bag likes and increase your Facebook engagement, you need to put your friends’ and followers’ needs and interests before yours.

It doesn’t matter if you like something and find it funny. It does nothing for you! This is why referring to the Facebook page insights after each post makes you know your audience a little better.

Stalk your audience now and then. Tally the likes on your posts and read the comments. Get to know what they want you to post!

Post Visual Content:

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Try to post videos and photos along with your posts to increase Facebook engagement. Avoid posting plain text. Usually, when people are scrolling through their feed, they tend to ignore the plain text.

Apparently, that is too much reading!

And if they had to read anyways, why would they be on their phone in the first place?

Therefore, always attach a photo with text or use the new feature that shares your text in the form of an image (infographics).

People always stop to see if there is a video. It doesn’t matter how useless it may be, but it tickles their curiosity enough to stop them from scrolling.

Go Live!

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Consider going live at least twice a month and have your audience communicate with you on the spot.

This way, they will have a sense of connection with you and will engage in your posts more. Try and reply to every viewer present at your live session. It is 100% guaranteed that a viewer you respond to will engage on your posts and build loyalty.

Also, before ending your live session, give them another date in advance of when you will be live again.

Have Polls, Questions!

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Connect with the audience personally. Engage them by asking them questions and by putting up polls on your timeline.

By carrying out such little activities, you will get to know them better, and they too will have fun engaging with you.

One of the best examples of engaging the audience is seen in Clubhouse. The audio-only app allows listeners to “Raise Hand” and participate in the ongoing conversation in every room.

Carry Out Activities:

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Once in a while, ask them to participate in certain challenges, it increases your Facebook engagement more than anything. Every now and then, we get some viral content, which is driven more by the participants than the ones who introduced it.

One of the positive effects of social media can be seen in how viral the ice-bucket challenge went a few years ago. Such activities are fun to watch as well as fun to take part in. Have your audience recreate such content and post them on your page/acc to show support.

Respond To Your Viewers:

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It can be very difficult to answer each of your fans’ questions. But believe it or not, replying to their messages or comments will dramatically increase your Facebook engagement.

Replying to one fan will encourage ten more to engage on your posts just to get a reply from you. And that is how you get a more organic crowd coming in, which is what you want in the first place!

Post Consistently And At The Right Times:

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Try posting regularly for Facebook post engagement. Post every day and that too several times a day. However, have some exclusive content produced at least once a week.

Provide your audience with the date of when you will be posting something original so that when you do, they are ready and present there to engage on the post.

Moreover, know when to post!

Posting at the right time is extremely important. Try posting at a time when most of your audience is online; otherwise, they won’t get it on their feed.

Spending too much time on social media harms your mental health. However, you can switch to a top recommended social media management app and cut half of your worries as an influencer.

Drive Traffic From External Sources:

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Make sure to attach your Facebook information to your other social media platforms. That way, your fans on Instagram, etc., will know where and how to find you on Facebook too.

But before you start driving traffic from other sources, you must have a page of your own. Learn more about setting up and getting started with a Facebook business page over here.

Engage In Other’s Content And Boost Your Post:


Comment, like, and share other people’s engagement posts as well. Especially famous people and influencers. This will give you an opportunity of attracting their fans to your page/acc.

Also, there is a high chance that the influencer will also engage on your posts in return, which will also drive their fans to your page/acc.

If you have the budget, Boost your posts!

By boosting your posts, you will get extra clout coming your way, and your post will reach thousands of people in a day.

Kamal Salar
Kamal Salar
Kamal is an SEO strategist with a keen interest in technology. He runs a tech firm that specializes in providing information regarding the latest tech news, of which he sees Social Media and SEO content to completion himself.

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