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Google Pixel 6 Pro review: The Best Pixel Phone Yet!

The Pixel 6 Pro is by far the best mobile phone Google has ever developed, not to mention, the best Android phone out there. The Google Pixel 6 Pro delivers excellent performance, a few amazing software additions, a unique design, and a brilliant camera system. Basically, it has everything you would want in a flagship phone in 2021.

Plus, it is priced so sensibly that Google is able to undermine its main rivals. The 6.7-inch base 128GB model is priced at $899 (£849, AU$1,299), a fairly lesser amount than the 6.1-inch iPhone 13 Pro’s $999 price and even less than the $1,099 priced 6.7-inch 13 Pro Max.

The last generation Pixel 5 was considered by most as a midrange phone with a few higher-end features. However, the Pixel 6 Pro is far from it. It is as premium as they come. From its structured metal and glass design to its high-resolution display and amazing triple camera, the Pixel 6 leaves little to no room for disappointment. Last but certainly not least is the ingenious Tensor processor. A custom-made processor chip created by Google for the phone, it provides sufficient power for all of your daily requirements, improved security features, 5G connectivity, and a sleek Android 12 interface. The only place where The iPhone 13 Pro puts in a stronger performance is the battery life.

A colorful display, solid battery life, and fast charging

The Pixel 6 Pro’s 6.7-inch display is crystal clear, all credits to its 3,120×1,440-pixel resolution. It is brightly lit with rich and deep colors that make any experience spectacular, whether it be playing Candy Crush or a video of your favorite YouTuber. The Pixel 6 Pro has an adaptive refresh rate that shifts up to 120Hz when you’re playing fast-paced games, but also comes all the way down to 10Hz when the phone is basically sitting idle. Performance when only required.

The phone supports a 5,003-mAh battery, which is usually great for an entire day of mixed-use. After one hour of streaming a YouTube video at max brightness, the Pixel 6 pro’s battery life had only dropped from full to 98%. By contrast, the iPhone 13 Pro dropped to only 99% and the OnePlus 9 Pro had dropped to 90%. After another hour the Pixel 6 Pro had dropped to 89%, while the iPhone 13 Pro was at 93%. Basically, it is very unlikely that the Pixel 6 would struggle to get through the day with it.

It has a Qi wireless charging option, as well as fast charging with a 30-watt charger (not included). The fast charge can take the phone to 50% full in 30 minutes. That’s above average, but not really a match for OnePlus’s 65-watt fast charging, which is able to fully charge the device in almost the same time. Still, it’s good enough to give your phone a quick boost before you head out.
Pixel 6 Pro or Pixel 6?

The more affordable $599 (£599, AU$999) Pixel 6 carries the same Tensor processor and Android 12 software, however, costs $300 less than the Pro, but a few compromises had to be made in order to attain that cheaper price.

The Pixel 6 cuts cost with a slightly lesser resolution 6.4-inch display that does not have the same curving finesse as the Pro. The battery is comparatively smaller, it has 8GB rather than 12GB of RAM and it lacks the 4x telephoto zoom lens found on the Pro.

Nonetheless, it’s still one of the best Android phones that are well worth their price. It has many of the same features as the Pixel 6 Pro provided at a much lower price. Especially for people who don’t care about the top-end performance offered by the flagship.

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