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Google Drive Now Lets You Block Spammers

Google Drive users can now kiss goodbye to spammers and bad actors online. In a recent announcement on Cloud Blog, Google revealed a new security feature that allows you to block a user on your Google Drive account. The service is available to all users and does not require intermediate admin permission.

Google Drive is a collaborative online workspace that allows users to connect and share data. It is a catalyst for productivity that speeds up processing tasks. But under the influence of bad actors, spamming and cyberbullying also take a front seat.

Google Drive Adds Blocking Feature

Since Google is content about providing a safe and secure working space to its users, it was about time to introduce the much-needed security feature of blocking a user. Data protection, privacy, and content control are valued aspects of the new Google experience. According to Google, the new security policy will take effect from today, 22nd July onwards. The debutant security updates allow you to:

  • Block a user’s ability to send or share any type of content with you.
  • Remove all Files (folders, docs, images, videos, audios, etc) shared with you by an unwanted user.
  • Restrict a user from viewing or using the content you have shared online.

Blocking a user from sharing content with you is useful when someone has a history of spamming your feed. Blocking the user will remove all files and folders automatically and doesn’t require you to search for them individually and get rid of them. However, blocking a user will also restrict them to the content you may have shared before the occasion. Also, Google Drive doesn’t allow you to block a user from your own domain.

Though Google may have been a while late on equipping its users with the most basic security feature of blocking, it is still a good time to make up for it. You can click on the three-dots-icon next to an unwanted user’s profile and click “Block” from the drop-down menu and declutter your Drive with a click!

Mohammad Ibrahim
Mohammad Ibrahim
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