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How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page?

Doing business online and not advertising on Facebook could be a major pothole in your marketing strategy. If you don’t know how to create a Facebook business page and that’s the only thing stopping you, The following explanation of the process will definitely make it simpler.

You have a crowd of over 2.6 billion monthly users to advertise to. Why miss out on an opportunity so sweet?

Facebook is by far the largest social media platform today. There are all kinds of businesses generating an impressive number of leads from here. So, without further ado, let’s get starter by setting up a Facebook Business Account for you!

What Is A Facebook Business Page?

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It is an online storefront for your business. Not only can you manage your brand’s presence but also influence and grow through the business page. Also, you connect to your audience and generate more leads in a nearly effortless way. But for that, you need to have an effective and well-thought-out marketing strategy in mind.

Learn more about how your business can benefit from social media.

A Facebook business page is free of cost, and that throws your budget worries right out the window. Facebook profits from the user engagement you create on the platform and sell the space to advertisers.

And in return, you get an optimized and one of the largest marketplaces for business free of cost. You can engage with your audience by:

  • Sharing compelling and informative content.
  • Increasing customer interaction through comments, likes, and messages.
  • Collaborate with influencers and other brands that promote your business.
  • Providing easy call-to-action tasks.

How to Make a Facebook Business Page?

There are few easy steps explained below to create a professional Facebook page for your business, please have a look;


Step 1. Signup


You can create a Facebook business page by Clicking on this link. Or, go to the dropdown menu on any Facebook page and choose the “Page” option there.

Step 2. Add Basic Details


On the new page, you’ll be asked to fill in:

  • Page Name
  • Category
  • Address
  • Phone Number

Select the name of your page carefully, as you are not allowed to change it afterward. Also, selecting the appropriate category for your business increases your chances of discovery among the target audience. But if you’re not sure about that now, Facebook lets you change it later on.

Insert the address and phone number for your business, so it is easier for customers to find you. However, you do have the option to keep these two hidden from the general audience.

Once completed, select “Continue” and move ahead to selecting the right photos to represent your brand.

Step 3. Insert Profile Photo And Cover Photo


Your profile and cover photos are the main visual elements of a business page on Facebook. Since the profile photo appears in places you comment, post, or message, having your brand’s logo as the profile picture is ideally a good idea.

The cover photo on your business page can immediately draw attention and support your brand if inserted properly. It can have your brand’s slogan, motto, or vision to clarify your intentions to the audience.

However, the peculiar part about uploading the right profile and cover photo is in the pixels. Because social media platforms have ideal photo sizes that you can upload, and Facebook does too.

* Profile Photo Pixels:

  • You must optimize a photo to 170×170 pixels before you upload it as a profile picture.
  • You must keep your logo or design at the center as Facebook presents your profile picture as a circle.

* Cover Photo Pixels:

  • You can add a picture, slideshow, or a short video on the “Cover Photo” for your business page.
  • For a picture, the ideal dimensions are 820x462pixels. (Facebook displays your cover photo at 820×312 pixels on a desktop view and 640×360 pixels on a mobile view)

ProTip: If the dimensions confuse you right now, you can save them for later to be optimized. You can select any photo as your cover and drag the image to fit the available size!

Step 4. Fill Out Page Info


To set up your account information, go to “Settings” at the top-right of the page and select “Page Info” from the dropdown list. Now, you will now see that many of the fields are empty, and that’s what you have to fill out.

Here is a brief explanation of what you should fill out:

  • Description: Tell your audience about your business in a short note of 155 characters.
  • Contact Information: This is where the email address, contact number, and website link are inserted.
  • Location: Type in the physical location of your business if you have one.
  • Categories: You can choose up to three categories for your business here. This helps your target audience to reach you much faster.
  • Active Hours (If Any): If you have a business of availability and are only available during certain hours of the day, mention that here.

That’s not all. You can give your audience even more information by adding a story, awards, or other milestones of your business. And you can also add links to your website, clubhouse room, Instagram, or LinkedIn profile.

Also, creating a unique URL for your business page gives you a distinct identity that you can easily share with customers. Moreover, you have the option of adding buttons to your page for a call-to-action. The tabs you can select from are:

  • Book With You
  • Learn More About Your Business
  • Shop With You Or Make A Donation
  • Download Your App Or Play Your Game

Step 5. Customize and Setup Facebook Business Page


The more customized your Facebook page is, the more unique it will appear to the viewers. That’s why the first thing to do to optimize your business page is by adding/removing/rearranging tabs and choosing a template for your page. This option can be found in “Templates and Tabs” in the settings menu.

Tabs are more or less the different parts of your Facebook page. You commonly know them as:

  • Home
  • Posts
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • About
  • Offers
  • Events
  • Community

The templates provided by Facebook are optimized for the best performance. But if you’d like to give a unique touch to your page, you surely can!

Step 6. Assign Roles For Your Business Page


You need a team to keep the future prospects of your business in check. After all, you cannot single-handedly deal with your business operation and social media page.

Having a team ensures you have a responsive business page, which is a huge plus for growth. And to do that, you need to assign roles to people from your friends’ list, who have liked your page, or by typing their email in the search box.

There are five roles you can choose from.


You are an admin by default. This means full access to editing the page, sending messages, responding to comments, posting on the page, creating ads, viewing insight, and seeing the general activity on your page.


Has access to edit the page, post on the page, create Facebook ads, access insights, and see the general activity on the page.


Response to comments, send messages, and have access to insights.


Can only see which admin created a post and has access to insights.

These roles are also known as contributors and can be found in “Page Roles” in the settings menu.

Step 7. Create Your First Post


You’re now done 🙂 with creating and optimizing your business page on Facebook. The only thing left now is to publish your first post and let your audience know you’re active.

You can post a picture, status, video, or animation to spice things up on your first go. You want the viewers to know you have some exciting content or offers coming their way, so make it attractive!


Image by: Wikimedia

You now know very well how to create a Facebook business page and how to set it up. But that’s not enough to drive traffic and make your online storefront attractive and inviting. Here is what you can do to optimize your new business page to increase your brand’s awareness.

Kamal Salar
Kamal Salar
Kamal is an SEO strategist with a keen interest in technology. He runs a tech firm that specializes in providing information regarding the latest tech news, of which he sees Social Media and SEO content to completion himself.

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