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Black Friday Deals: PS5, Airpods, and More

It’s that time of the year again that shopaholics cherish more than Christmas. It’s time to unleash your inner shopaholic and attack without worrying about spending too much. Black Friday Deals should be actually renamed “blessed friday deals” because this is the day many dreams come true as we get a lot of our desired products for very low and affordable prices. Many of us save up throughout the year to shop double on this specific day and take twice the quantity home. 

Like something at a store but it’s too expensive? Most of the time, we find ourselves telling our desire, “it’s alright, i ll just get it on black friday.” Well, it’s time now, and you might as well get it now. Here is a list of products that are going on sale this Black Friday. Check them all out, and we hope you find your desired Black Friday deal here. 

AirPods Pro

You can get the AirPods Pro for a very cheap price this month. You can save up to $90, and that is the cheapest price we have ever witnessed. The $89 Airpods sold out pretty fast earlier this month, and we don’t see why the AirPod Pro won’t. This is why getting them as soon as possible would be a great idea. And By the way, this is Walmart’s discount. Walmart really is on a roll this year. We sure anticipate that other retailers will follow in Walmart’s footsteps.

This will be the cheapest price we’ve ever seen on the AirPods Pro, and after watching how quickly the $89 AirPods sold out earlier this month, we don’t anticipate the deal will stick around for too long. Hopefully, other retailers will jump in and match Walmart’s pricing here.


Most stores have not yet announced or revealed their intentions on restocking the PS5. Walmart is an exception, though. Walmart will have the PS5 in stock from 22nd Nov onwards and probably on sale too. But in order to avail of the opportunity, you will have to be a Walmart Plus member. Unfortunately, yes, but the membership is only $13 a month. Also, you can always avail of the 15-day free trial and unsubscribe after taking advantage of it. If you deem it suitable, you can keep it. 

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE will be available with a discount of at least $50 this Black Friday. This is the most affordable Apple Watch and is definitely worth buying this holiday season. The apple watch 3 is a cheaper option, but then it’s too old. And not worth it at this point. Staples will have the stock in store, both 40 and 44mm. We sure hope other retailers will join in on this idea soon.

Garmin 245 Music

There are a lot of smartwatch options available on the market. Such as Apple Watch and Samsung Smartwatch. But you can save $100 by buying Garmin 245 Music which is equally good. The other smartwatches get you confused between choosing a good fitness tracker or a smartwatch, but Garmin balances these two qualities by providing both features. It has great fitness tracking qualities and also includes music integration with Spotify and other apps.

Xbox X series

Same as the PS5, other stores have not yet announced their intentions regarding the Xbox series X, but Walmart will have Xbox deals and restock this Black Friday. But then again, you will be needing a Walmart Plus membership for this as well. Being a Walmart plus member will give you a 4-hour headstart over other customers, which is a better chance of getting your hands on an Xbox X. 

Bose QuietComfort 45 Headphones

You can save $50 on these fabulous Bose QuietComfort 45 Headphones. Bose headphones are great if you want noise-canceling headphones. These are the advanced version of the best-ranking noise cancellation Bose QuietComfort 35 II Bluetooth headphones. With these new ones, you don’t have to go through the hassle of charging it again and again after a little while. The new and improved headphones come with C-port charging and enhanced battery life. 

These were a few Black Friday deals. We will soon update you guys with more amazing deals and discounts. So, stay tuned and stay updated. 

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Mohammad Ibrahim
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