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Best Smart Home Automation Devices You Should Keep An Eye Out

Whether you are a tech enthusiast or not, there is no better time to turn your home smarter than now. Home is getting smarter with each new launch of automation devices. Those days are gone when you had to look through a peephole to see who rang your doorbell. Now, you can simply check through your smart security camera. With the right gadgets, you can now simply use voice commands to control all the devices around you.

Keeping that in mind, we have put together a list of best smart home devices you should keep an eye out for in 2023. Keep reading if you are planning to turn your home smarter.

1. Smart Light Bulbs: Philips Hue

One of the most common smart products and equally important, light bulbs are something everyone has installed in their homes. The right kind of lighting gives your home a cozy feel, which elevates the whole homey-vibe. If you are bored of the old school light bulbs, then check out Philips Hue because, frankly speaking, nothing beats this smart lighting system.

Philips Hue works perfectly fine with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit. Moreover, the app designed for it is super easy to use. It allows you to automate your lighting, change the colors, and do many more things. The current version of this app is pretty well-built, which is one of the reasons people prefer this smart lighting system over others.

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2. Smart Thermostat: Google Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest is considered the classic thermostat in the market of smart thermostats. Even to date, it is said to be the best option. This is why it is popularly recommended for smart home automation devices.

Currently, Nest Learning Thermostat is in its third generation. Also, can we just talk about how cool its design is? Hands down, it is one of the most stylish-looking smart thermostats we have ever come across. Moreover, its ability to automatically adjust the temperature upon learning your habits is nothing short of an impressive feature.

Nest Learning Thermostat does not involve any rocket science. It simply allows you to control everything related to your home’s temperature in a jiffy. It is perfectly compatible with the Google Home app and Google Assistant. Alexa users can also integrate it with this virtual assistant. However, it does not support HomeKit.

This smart home device is a pretty wise investment, but it is a little heavier on the pricey side. So, if you are looking for an affordable option, this might not intrigue you. However, we still recommend checking it out.

3. Smart Doorbell: Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

Now you don’t have to ask “Who is it?” from the other side of your door because this smart doorbell allows you to see who the other person is. Ring Video Doorbell Pro2 looks absolutely stunning. On top of that, it offers amazing image quality. Moreover, it comes with several other exciting features that make this investment worthwhile.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro2 fits perfectly into your door frame due to its compact design. It has a button and a camera on the front to see what is happening outside your door. Sounds pretty awesome and futuristic to us.

Some of its cool features are motion detection, the ability to set motion zones, and two-way audio. In addition to this, it is compatible with Alexa. However, you cannot integrate it with Google Assistant or Apple’s HomeKit, which is a bummer.

4. Smart Security Camera: Arlo Ultra 2

We understand how scary it could get to be living in the middle of nowhere and have no idea who could be lurking just outside your home. In this age and time, smart security cameras have become a necessity. They provide you with peace of mind and a sense of security.

Because of this, we have to include Arlo Ultra 2 in our top picks of smart home automation devices. This security camera does not look good, but it is also extremely reliable. One of the reasons this security camera is everyone’s preferred choice is that it works perfectly with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit.

There are some downsides to Arlo Ultra 2. One of which is that it is pretty expensive. So, if you are not flexible with your budget, then maybe check out some other smart security cameras.

Key Takeaway

Whether you are a tech enthusiast or not, investing in smart home devices will definitely help you in the long run. After all, This is the year when we should ditch the old ways of doing things and welcome the new smarter way of living life.

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Kamal Salar
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